We are starting the tenth Start:up Slovenia and announcing the new round of P2, SK75 and SK200 financing!

Day 1. March 2017 posted Stanislava Vabšek

The already sixth investment round SK75 and SK200 of Slovene Enterprise Fund and the tenth edition of the competition Start:up Slovenia with P2 will be presented in detail at Forum 100% Startup this spring once again. The forum is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 March, in Technology Park Ljubljana and we will simultaneously carry out a series of nine roadshow events that will happen from 9 to 17 March in Celje, Velenje, Kranj, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Koper, Slovenj Gradec and Novo mesto. We suggest that you also mark 22 March 2017 in your calendars for applying to the pre-selection procedure for the competition Start:up Slovenia with P2 and obtaining SK75 and SK200 investments!


Enviable results in the past three years

Products from the Slovene Enterprise Fund (henceforth SEF) for financing innovative startups with global growth potential, namely the grant P2, convertible loan SK75 in the amount of 75,000 € and the public equity investment SK200 in the amount of 200,000 €, combined with an accelerator programme, have achieved enviable results in the past three years. Besides numerous best practice examples and resounding achievements of startups, which you can regularly read about on websites startup.si and podjetniskisklad.si, the results are also seen in the fact that startups received 5.4 million € in investments through SK75 and SK200 from the SEF, but they also additionally attracted 2.6 million € in investments from independent private investors, which represents a good 47 % of the amount invested into startups by the SEF.


Grants for 124 startups

The startup grant P2 is intended for startups in the stage of looking for a solution for an identified problem on the market or for developing the prototype and testing the market. In the past three years, the startup grant P2 from the SEF, which amounts to 54,000 € per company, has supported 124 companies, which have altogether received a good 6.7 million €.

Connection between P2 and the competition

P2 is already traditionally connected to the competition Start:up Slovenia, in which we choose the best startups amongst those who applied to compete for P2, and place them amongst finalists for the prestigious award Slovenian Startup of the Year as “young challengers”. This year, the award will be given for the tenth time in a row at PODIM, the biggest startup conference in the Alps-Adriatic region which will take place in Maribor on 10 and 11 May.

Get up to 35 points for the P2 application with the competition

Otherwise Start:up Slovenia competition participants can get up to 35 points for the P2 tender application in the pre-selection procedure, which ends with a pitch on DEMO Day. Also be mindful of the tender conditions! The competition Start:up Slovenia and tender P2 only accepts application from startup companies that have been founded between 1. 1. 2016 and 15. 3. 2017.
You can find more information and all terms of participation at www.startup.si/startupslovenija.


51 startup companies already received SK75

The SK75 investment with the accelerator programme is intended for startups to complete the product/market fit stage and they use the investment to launch the product on the market and obtain customers. In the last three years (including SK50 investments from the autumn 2014 investment round), 51 innovative startups received the investment. Altogether, these startups received 3.4 million € of SEF’s funds and additionally attracted about 1.5 million € in investments from independent private investors.
You can find more information and all terms of participation at www.startup.si/sk75


Slovene Enterprise Fund supported 10 fast-growth startup companies with SK200

The public equity investment SK200 and the corresponding accelerator programme are intended for startups to finance the beginning of fast growth on global markets and to professionalize the company. So far, it was received by 10 companies, for which the Fund allocated altogether 2 million € in funds, while entrepreneurs additionally attracted about a million € in investments from independent private investors.
 You can find more information and all terms of participation at www.startup.si/sk200


The timetable of this year’s roadshow events

The series of nine roadshow events across Slovenia will be carried out from 9 to 17 March according to the following timetable:


Details about the financing from the Slovene Enterprise Fund and private investors

At the roadshow events, the participants will learn the details of all SEF’s products for startups in the year 2017, namely P2, which is financed from the European Cohesion Policy resources (ECP, 2014 – 2020), and both equity investments, SK75 and SK200. Products P2R – encouragement for launching companies in problem regions – and P2L – encouragements for growth of companies in the field of timber use – will also be presented. We will give details about the course and conditions for participating in the competition Start:up Slovenia. We will pay special attention to gaining private investments with business angels, venture capital funds or corporate investors, such as Kolektor, Iskratel, Telekom Slovenia, Triglav Insurance or Slovenia Post.


Forum 100% Start:up as the central event!

The central event that will open this year’s Start:up Slovenia competition with P2 and the spring investment round for SK75 and SK200 is Forum 100% Start:up, which will take place in Technology Park Ljubljana on Tuesday, 14 March. At the Forum, we will talk about the most important experiences that we gained in the past three years, during which altogether 61 companies obtained SK investments.
We will also include the experiences and best practices of participants of the competition Start:up Slovenia, which 661 startup have joined so far. But mostly we will give participants exhaustive information about which product – P2, P2R, P2L, SK75 or SK200 – is most suitable for them considering the company’s development stage, product and team.
Participation at the event Forum 100% Start:up is free, registration is obligatory! Participation is possible until all free spaces are filled!

Links for more information and detailed product descriptions

More information and a detailed description of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s products for the year 2017 can be found here

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