P2 and Start:up Slovenia 2020 Pre-Selection


If you are developing a startup company with an innovative product and a potential for rapid growth and are planning to apply for a P2 startup incentive, then you have several good reasons to apply to the pre-selection process.

  • By participating in the Start:up Slovenia pre-selection, you can earn up to 35 points for the P2 tender for startups of the Slovene Enterprise Fund.
  • Personal presentation in front of a panel of experts, consisting of investors, entrepreneurs and business experts at DEMO Day.
  • Active networking and expansion of useful connections at home and abroad.
  • Acquiring state-of-the-art entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.
  • Getting familiar with the valuable experience of other startup entrepreneurs.
  • Media and broader business visibility (media and the Start:up Slovenia partner network intensely monitor the pre-selection and its participants).

  • Awards for the top-ranked companies at the earliest stage of development.
  • Nomination of the top three rated startups for the 2020 Slovenian Startup of the year award.







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Timeline With 2020 Calendar


Start:up Slovenia Roadshow 2020

Maribor: 18. February at 16:30 in the Venture Factory
Novo mesto: 20. February at 8:30 in the Podbreznik Incubator
Velenje: 21. February at 13:00 in the SAŠA incubator

Sežana: 4. March at 9:00 in the Inkubator Sežana

Nova Gorica: 4. March at 14:00 in the Primorska Technology Park

Kranj: 5. March at 14:00 in the RC IKT



Main Event of the Starting Proceedings 

Forum 100% Start:up 

Ljubljana: 3. March at 13:00 in the Technology Park Ljubljana



Deadline For Application To Pre-Selection

19. March 2020 until midnight through prijave.startup.si website. The application form requires answers to 30 questions found in the online form.  .   



6-7 April 2020 with the beginning at 9 o'clock online presentations of all registered startups in front of the expert commission. Everyone registered in the pre-selection will be informed until Friday, 27 March 2020, of the exact schedule of their presentation at the email address entered on the application form.


Deadline For Submission To P2 SEF Tender

The estimated deadline for the submission of applications for the tender is 20 April 2020. Invitation to tender was published on the website of the Slovene Enterprise Fund and in the Official Gazette.


Deadline For Nominations To 2020 Slovenian Startup Of The Year Award

Until 6 April 2020 by midnight through the www.startup.si/en-us/for-startups/startup-of-the-year website, Slovenian stakeholders can nominate nominees, who will compete for the title of "Slovenian Startup of the Year 2020".



PODIM Conference

In Maribor on 19-21 May 2020, 

find the conference programme at podim.org.

Conditions For Participation In 2020 Pre-Selection

All startup companies whose operations or products and services are based on their own knowledge and development can participate in the Start:up Slovenia pre-selection. We are looking for anyone with global market and rapid growth potential.


Participants in the Start:up Slovenia pre-selection are start-ups in the earliest development phase (problem-solution), which develop an innovative product or service with global growth potential. As a rule, they are actively seeking capital from formal and informal investors or the startup P2 subsidy of the Slovene Enterprise Fund.


Start:up Slovenia pre-selection is open to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are engaged as a legal or natural person in economic activity and are organized as companies, sole proprietors or cooperatives. For the definition of SMEs, the provisions of Annex 1 of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 800/2008 of 6 August 2008 are followed.


The company must be legally and formally registered in Slovenia, between 1 January 2019 and 15 March 2020 (considered as the date of registration of the company in court).


Prerequisites For Participation In Pre-Selection

Formal application of the company is made through the Central Application System with a regulated intellectual property status. The entrepreneurial idea of the startup company is based on the legally acquired right of use of intellectual property, which is confirmed by submitting the application.


Don’t miss the conditions of the P2 tender:

  1. Participation in the pre-selection Start:up Slovenia procedure can earn up to 35 points for the company for the P2 tender of the Slovene Enterprise Fund. As part of the DEMO Day Pre-Selection procedure, registered start-ups can earn up to 35 points for the mentioned tender.
  2. Only eligible are startup companies that meet all the conditions of the P2 tender of the Slovene Enterprise Fund (for example, only the companies registered from 1 January 2019 to 15 March 2020, can apply).
  3. All entered companies must be registered in Slovenia by 15 March 2020 (the date of registration of the company in court is considered).

Expert Committee and Criteria

The content of the received applications and personal presentations at DEMO Day will be evaluated by an expert committee made up of entrepreneurs, investors and consultants  Each participating company will receive up to 35 points in the pre-selection process, which they can use in the application for the  P2 tender of the Slovene Enterprise Fund. A national ranking of participating startups will be created based on the points that they earned.​


Composition of Expert Committee

The Expert Committee of the pre-selection procedure consists of evaluators from the list of publicly invited candidates with relevant experience. These are namely successful entrepreneurs, active informal and formal investors and managers of entrepreneurial programmes that work within entities of the innovative environment and within other organizations of the supportive environment. At least three members of the committee will judge each startup company.


In cases of conflict of interest (interest relations in terms of business affiliation, kinship relationship, etc.) in the evaluation of an individual startup company, members of the commission must exclude themselves from the evaluation process during the pre-selection phase, having signed a statement ahead of evaluation.


Get Up To 35 Points at DEMO Day

Each application will be evaluated by three assessors, based on the timely (by 19 March 2020) electronic submission to the Central Application System and based on the personal presentation at DEMO Day. The total score obtained by an entered start-up company is calculated as the average of grades of all participating assessors, rounded to an integer.


At DEMO Day, the scorer will calculate the average score of all assessors rounded to an integer (an unofficial calculation of the final grade, as obtained in an official additionally verified correct calculation of their score by e-mail until 15 April 2020) and present it to the startup company. It will then have the opportunity to directly ask the evaluators for their comments and justification of the assessment. The Committee’s assessment is final and used in the criterion for the number of achieved points in the pre-selection of the P2 tender of the Slovene Enterprise Fund, which requires a separate application by the date specified in the tender terms and conditions.

Criteria For Evaluation Of Startup Companies

The focus of the evaluation is on assessing the potential and competence of the team, assessing the explanation of understanding the problem and matching the solution/MVP with the problem. The assessment criteria are designed in accordance with the criteria suitable for proprietary financing and modern entrepreneurial methodologies for lean entrepreneurship.


Below are descriptions of the assessment criteria with the maximum number of points.

  1. Assessment of the potential and competence of the team.
  2. Understanding and relevance of the problem and the adequacy of the solution (also includes a unique offered value, an unreachable advantage).
  3. Clear definition of customer/user segments, validation and access to them.
  4. Clarity and the reality of key indicators (number of users, engaged personnel and product development.

At DEMO Day within the Start:up Slovenia pre-selection process, companies will be able to obtain up to 35 points that they can claim for the P2 tender of the Slovene Enterprise Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if an application was submitted?

After the successful submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation email, which will also contain a .pdf attachment of your submitted application form.


Content Template for Presentation at DEMO Day?

Use the prepared content template (click here) to prepare your DEMO Day presentation. You should submit your presentation in .pdf format until 1 April 2020 to info@startup.si. Keep in mind that the maximum size of the file is 15 MB.

Tender Documentation For P2 Tender?

The tender documentation for the application to the P2 tender is published on the website of the Slovene Enterprise Fund and in the Official Gazette.


How will we protect your personal information?

The Entrepreneurship Research Institute Venture Factory (the main organizer of the competition) respects your privacy and is committed to cautious handling of your personal information and using it only for the purpose of organizing the competition and reporting to funders.

Personal data that you provide in any way will be processed, stored and protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette RS, No. 94/07 - Official Consolidated Text).


Who implements the project?

The organizer of the Start:up Slovenia pre-selection is the Venture Factory. The co-organizers are the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Slovene Enterprise Fund and Public Agency SPIRIT Slovenia as a promotional partner. Other partners of the Slovenian business ecosystem also participate in the pre-selection.


More information?

Urban Lapajne,Venture Factory, organizational project manager
Email: urban.lapajne@tovarnapodjemov.org
Phone: 02 2294 278, GSM: 041 372 418


Pre-selection Application

Registration for the Start:up Slovenia pre-selection can be done through the Central Application System. Companies will be able to earn up to 35 points at DEMO Day as part of the Start:up Slovenia pre-selection process for the needs of the P2 tender of the Slovene Enterprise Fund. Online applications must be submitted by 19 March 2020.


While answering the questions of the online application form, you can use the help of the Slovenian version of the book, Running Lean, which can be downloaded electronically, free of charge on the book’s website

Valuable Content Support

The startup incentive P2 not only provides financial support for your business but also provides valuable content support in the form of mentoring, networking, promotion, involvement in programmes, etc. tailored specifically to the challenges and needs of young businesses on the path to growth.

We named this comprehensive support programme #StartupPlusProgramme.

Content support for recipients of P2, SK75 or SI-SK financial products under the "de minimis" scheme is co-financed from the Slovene Enterprise Fund and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. This is implemented on the basis of the Content Support for Funds Recipients (SMEs) Programme in the 2018-2023 period, under the Operational Programme for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020.



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