The Swiss will invest into Slovenian startups!

Day 27. January 2016
Leading Swiss programming company Netcetera is looking for promising startup companies from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. They are planning five investments in 2016 and future investments with similar speed in the next few years. Startups won’t receive only financial support but also other resources, such as expert knowledge and access to market that a company like Netcetera can offer.
Darko Butina, izvršni direktor za investicije

Netcetera is a leading company on the financial tech market in Switzerland and neighbouring countries, offering programming solutions for various other industries. It also has experience with startup investments, having previously successfully invested into Swiss startup companies such as D1 Solutions and Braingroup. They see a big potential in our region and are firmly convinced that the regional talent is incredible.
In order to suitably manage their investments, Netcetera is collaborating with Darko Butina who’s bringing extensive experience from the fields of startups, management and investments into various companies. They are planning to invest into startup companies from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia that are active in industries Netcetera works in, such as financial technologies, connected health services, traffic technologies, company digitalization, media and entertainment, and programming equipment for the police. Interested startup companies can find more information at
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