Hopalai Started 2021 in a Big Way

Day 17. March 2021

Startup Hopalai, which stands behind the Kobi app, has developed the free Kobi TO! mobile app in response to the effects of long-distance learning, which will help first graders learn to read when they return to school, while also successfully launching Kobi Readers exhibition The Future of Living in Vienna.


The consequences of long-distance learning are also seen among the youngest, especially in reading literacy, which has not only been dormant in recent times but has even declined in many. They are well aware of this in the startup Hopalai, which has been helping solve that problem for several years with the Kobi solution, a reading learning aid for children with dyslexia and others who have problems with word division.


Kobi TO! free app for fast and effective reading learning


In response to the problems of the youngest, the Kobi project team rolled up their sleeves and prepared a series of free content that will help the youngest return to school to gain the necessary reading skills and lay a solid foundation for further learning.


That's how Kobi TO came out! - a mobile application that allows learners to practice simple words and their pronunciation.


Hopalai, the recipient of funds from the P2 tender and a finalist for the Slovenian Startup of the Year title in 2019, has added a mobile application to its collection of innovative and established tools for effective reading learning, which is completely free to use.



In the last year and a half, we have devoted a lot of time to the study of American research on learning and teaching reading and came to a number of important findings, which also apply to the Slovenian language. Research confirms that accurate decoding is the basis for later reading. When children do not master this skill well, they resort to ineffective strategies such as guessing words out of context or guessing based on the first syllable. By reading meaningless letter combinations without context, we are effectively working on this skill, ” said Ursula Lavrenčič, KOBI project manager and literacy expert.


Kobi TO! can be downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet or accessed from a computer. Find out more about the app here. For those who have recently grown tired of digital content, the app also allows you to print reading sheets and exercise in paper form.



Successful Kobi Readers


In December, the first edition of Kobi Čitanke (Kobe Readers) was published - booklets adapted for children with reading difficulties, which the children illustrate themselves. The textbooks were sold out in two months, so the team decided to reprint them, and they also plan to publish new ones. You can find out more here.



Kobi at The Future of Living in Vienna


KOBI recently received the “Made in Slovenia” mark of excellence and was chosen from 43 products presented at the exhibition The Future of Living, which can be seen between March 5 and April 25 in Vienna’s Designforum Wien. The exhibition is organized by the Center for Creativity, which operates under the auspices of the Ljubljana Museum of Architecture and Design. More here





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