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Day 14. December 2021 posted Anemari Pediček

Startup company OptiSpace has developed an innovative solution, Culturate, which is integrated with Slack and solves challenges such as building culture, increasing engagement and cohesion between remote and hybrid teams. OptiSpace is also a recipient of a convertible loan SK75 from the Slovene Enterprise Fund. Read more here.  


Culturate is based on more than 50 interviews

The company is aware that all larger companies that have moved to a hybrid or "remote" way of working have a number of challenges such as how to connect people, ensure employee engagement, build culture, achieve the "in-office experience" as much as possible. These challenges become even greater when the company has 40 or more employees. 


Startup OptiSpace has conducted more than 50 interviews with fast-growing technology companies and developed the Culturate solution, integrated with Slack, in response to the challenges. 


What is Culturate?

It's a platform that allows a company's team to work together, even if they are spread across the globe. It promotes performance and the achievement of company goals by fostering team spirit and rewarding collaboration.


It is designed for innovative HR departments, managers and leadership teams who are employee-centric and committed to fostering a vibrant and friendly work environment - wherever they are.


Culturate improves: 
Virtual culture


Try out Culturate

Are you a part of a company with 20 or more employees? OptiSpace wants to hear your opinion about the solution and invites you to try it for free. 



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