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Day 10. September 2019 posted Mitja Sagaj

World Payment Platform Stripe, one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world, is officially established in Slovenia today. The platform enables online businesses to start and grow their business globally, and to receive payments from anywhere in the world.

The Stripe platform processes billions of dollars annually for millions of businesses, including startups and large companies such as Google, Amazon, Uber and Shopify. In Slovenia, Minimaa and Treo are already using the Stripe platform to offer their goods and services to customers worldwide.

"Slovenia has many entrepreneurial and technologically talented people and we are convinced that even more companies from Slovenia could expand globally," says Felix Huber, who leads Stripe in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. "The Stripe platform is intended to enable even more Slovene companies to export their creativity and ambition to others around the world."

In just a few clicks from Slovenia to the world

Slovenian companies can today start accepting payments in more than 130 currencies in just 10 minutes. For the first time, the Stripe platform gives these companies access to their global payments and treasury network. Businesses can use the Stripe platform to accept payments, as well as manage accounting, invoicing, payouts to third parties and optimize mobile payments - all from one centralized dashboard. Stripe platform users also get access to mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Help to reduce online fraud and use of new online business models

In addition to the challenges of managing multiple currencies, fraud is often one of the main inhibitors for businesses that want to sell to buyers around the world. The Stripe platform uses sophisticated machine learning to provide unmatched fraud protection and safeguard measures to protect Slovenian businesses and their customers from fraud.

Stripe platform utilizes sophisticated machine learning to provide unmatched fraud protection and safeguard measures.


As more and more activities move online, a new wave of online businesses is emerging, including markets, crowdfunding and subscription businesses. The Stripe platform can provide software developers and entrepreneurs in Slovenia with the tools they need to be part of the next series of online giants.

Minimaa Saves Many Hours by using Stripe

"For an online business like ours, speed is really important. The Stripe platform is simple and fast to integrate - it saved us so many hours that we stopped counting them. The support we received from the Stripe platform during its integration was unparalleled, "says Tomaž Riffel, CEO of Minimaa.

Stripe is expanding to eight new European countries, including Slovenia at the same time.


Prices for the Stripe platform, which start at 1.4% + 0.25 euro per successful debit card charge in Slovenia, do not include installation costs, monthly fees and hidden costs.

Stripe has received about 785 million dollars of investments so far

Founded in September 2011, Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the World Wide Web. Companies of all sizes - from start-ups to public services - use Stripe software to accept online payments and manage technically challenging financial operations in more than 100 countries. The platform helps businesses to start and grow their revenue and established businesses to expand into new markets and introduce new business models. The goal of the Stripe platform is to increase the GDP of the World Wide Web in the long run.

The goal of the Stripe platform is to increase the GDP of the World Wide Web in the long run.

The company, founded by Patrick and John Collison, has headquarters in San Francisco and employs more than 2.000 people today, receiving about 785 million dollars in investments to date, and was most recently valued at 22.5 billion dollars.

Stripe Payment platform
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