Nominate a Candidate for the Prestigious Slovenian Start:Up of the Year 2022 Award

Day 14. April 2022 posted Anemari Pediček

This year, for the fifteenth time in a row, we are looking for a startup that will convince us with its achievements, actions, reputation and development potential and win the prestigious title of Slovenian Start:Up of the Year. Do you already have someone in mind who could be this year's winner?


Every year, the Slovenian Start:Up of the Year Award aims to reward and highlight the ambassadors of Slovenian start-up entrepreneurship. We want to put the spotlight on those teams that, with their achievements, strengths, activities and development, represent the new generation of the most innovative Slovenian entrepreneurs, so please help us choose the right one this year. 





5 startups will make it to the finals

5 startups will go through to the final round and will present themselves to the main judging panel on 2 June. These will be the companies that receive the best scores among all the nominees. All nominations received will be considered by a nomination committee composed of representatives of Start:up Slovenia and other active members of the Slovenian start-up ecosystem. Each member of the nomination committee casts his/her vote in the first step and then ranks the five nominees from the overall list, without being able to vote for his/her own candidate.


The winner will be announced on 21 June in Ljubljana.



Content support for recipients of P2, SK75 or SI-SK financial products under the "de minimis" scheme is co-financed from the Slovene Enterprise Fund and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. This is implemented on the basis of the Content Support for Funds Recipients (SMEs) Programme in the 2018-2023 period, under the Operational Programme for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020.


Slovenian Start:up of the
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