Doctrina Raises €1,020,000 of New Capital

Day 27. January 2017

Doctrina, a start-up company transforming the traditional transfer of knowledge between pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, has raised a total of €1,020,000 in series A funding. The investment will enable Doctrina to execute its growth plans and scale its solution to new markets. "We are excited to receive the new capital from our investors," says Tomaž Erjavec, founder and managing partner of Doctrina. "Our goal is to make Doctrina an indispensable part of pharmacists' workdays with the mission to optimize the transfer of knowledge and patient safety."


The missing link between pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists

Doctrina helps pharmacists to access knowledge about new pharmaceutical products and other professional novelties on one independent platform. Due to the amount of products each pharmacy offers, it's impossible for the employees of the pharmacies to keep track of all changes and innovations. Interestingly, 87% of healthcare professionals conclude contact with a pharmaceutical sales rep in less than two minutes and sales reps spend 50% of their working time in their cars. 

Greater reach with real-time feedback

Based on these statistics Doctrina has developed a signature technology that enables pharmaceutical companies to achieve greater reach, faster knowledge delivery with real-time feedback, and more efficient two-way communication. The method used to further train the pharmacists has been developed with the latest e-learning trends and is available in a video micro-learning format. This helps pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians to access knowledge about products and all content in one place, anytime and on any device.

Plans for further product development and expansion

A substantial portion of investment will be used to execute the company's growth plans, which are focused on Poland and the UK, as well as some other smaller markets, but will also focus on further product development, and the expansion of the international team.

"Our platform is already used by 55,000 pharmacists from Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Romania and Croatia. The plan is to now bring our technology to other countries in Europe and enable pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists to increase the flow of effective knowledge transfer. We are also focusing on finding digital health enthusiasts to join our international team working on multiple markets." commented Jure Pučko, CEO and founder of Doctrina. "Our vision is to make Doctrina an indispensable daily source of product news and other professional information."

About Doctrina

Doctrina is an online platform that allows pharmaceutical companies to further train pharmacy employees through webinars. It assists sales representative visits with greater and faster reach, lower costs, and accurate analytics. The platform is used daily by over 55,000 pharmacists from Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Russia and Croatia.

Doctrina Investment
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