The fifth generation of ABC Accelerator startups pitched their products to potential investors

Day 30. June 2017
On Wednesday, 21 June, the ABC Accelerator organized the fifth Demo day in the Crystal Palace of BTC City. 10 startup pitched their innovative business solutions to more than 350 event participants, while more than a thousand people watched the event online and in ABC’s offices in Munich, Kijev, and Silicon Valley.
For startups, the Demo day is the concluding climax to a three-month-long programme dedicated to accelerating their products and services. The event is meant for pitching to potential investors, which makes it full of mixed feelings – anxiety, stress, and happiness and joy after the pitch. From 21 startups that were in the programme, ten had the opportunity to pitch at the event: Melon & Lime, Taia, Semaforum, Sleepy bottle, SnapGuest, Codebrainer, all from Slovenia, the American-Slovenian team Bare Peak, Octopull from Chile, the Italian team Stormborn Studio, and Videobolt from Serbia.
Photo: Siniša Kanižaj, ABC Accelerator

Dejan Roljić, founder and CEO of Acceleration Business City, opened the event by thanking loyal partners, including BTC, Zavarovalnica Triglav, EnaA, Petrol, and Telekom Slovenije, and emphasized how important it is to have a good partner, especially when starting the journey. With Urška Jež, cofounder and executive director of ABC Accelerator Ljubljana, they concluded the event by traditionally giving out the awards. The award for the best partner went into the hands of Zavarovalnica Triglav, which has a team in the ABC Enterprise programme, working on two new products. The best mentor of this programme was Ernest Žejn, while startups chose Pier Francesco Geraci to be the best lecturer. Roljič concluded the event with the thought that ideas need to be realized immediately and that you shouldn’t wait until tomorrow, and that while it happens that you aren’t always the best, it is that much more important that you try hard!
Photo: Siniša Kanižaj, ABC Accelerator

The event also included a panel discussion, where they touched on the particularities, similarities, and differences of ecosystems in Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. The discussion was moderated by Jakob Gajšek from the ABC Accelerator, and he was joined by guests Eva Rez (Day One Capital, Budapest), Andrej Kiska (Credo Ventures, Prague), and Markus Lang (Pioneers Ventures, Vienna).
Photo: Siniša Kanižaj, ABC Accelerator

All startups are now heading towards new challenges, same as the accelerator team that will start preparing for a new and refurbished programme. In October, they will accept 10 best startups from the field of Deep Tech, which will work and accelerate in Silicon Valley for at least a month in the 3-month programme. They will accelerate even faster, with focus on products in the field of blockchain, AI, big data, and analytics.

Foto: Siniša Kanižaj, ABC Accelerator
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