New 3D printer of the Pel3o team already exciting new users!

Day 15. February 2017
Pel3o, an innovative Slovenian startup in the field of desktop 3D-printers and Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment recipient, introduced the new improved 3D-printer Lov3DII at the start of February. After introducing the printer to the public, they already got the first excited reactions and enquiries, because it’s an excellent tool for users who work in industrial design and plastic mass, but at the same time the printer is also accessible to all enthusiasts for new 3D-print technologies.

The company is already collecting pre-orders in Slovenia for their new and improved 3D-printer Lov3D II. In the following months, the new printer will also be available in the neighbouring countries.

The new 3D-printer is an upgrade to the previous model Lov3D. It was designed in Slovenia, then perfected under the influence of the elite high-tech accelerator HighTechXL, which is located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

With the desire to offer the best to 3D-print users, they upgraded the existing model and thus created a 3D-printer of incredible technical features and modern design.

Lov3D II is made from the highest quality materials that are currently available on the market. It boasts with incredible exactness, ensured by quality linear guide systems and a coating layer that’s thinner than 1/4 of a hair.

The biggest advantage is a printhead that enables printing at a temperature above 400 °C and is consequently suitable for printing the newest materials that demand higher temperatures.

Fast printing is enabled by the strongest control panel on the market and delta robots. The modern design isn’t only attractive, but also enables bigger printing control, because its closed work area lowers the possibility of deformations caused by the material shrinking.

For a pre-order or more information, turn to Žiga Eržen, email, mobile phone: +386 40 516 800. 
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