Meet Quantifly, SLOVENIAN START:UP OF THE YEAR 2023 Finalist

Day 22. May 2023 posted Anemari Pediček

Just like people, organizations can become ill. Symptoms include low employee engagement, poor relationships... All this leads to poorer business results and higher costs associated with absenteeism and recruitment.


Most (HR) managers do not deal with these issues systematically but put out fires 'as and when' they occur. Others are already using analytical tools to measure employee engagement and other metrics of organizational vitality. These may indicate symptoms but do not provide insight into causes or concrete suggestions for improvement. 


This is where Quantifly comes in, setting a new standard in the way organizations are managed. It provides in-depth diagnostics based on an analysis of team dynamics, structure and culture. A major innovation is the sociometric analysis, which provides insight into the communication networks and accountability structure of an organization. This is where the causes of the symptoms are hidden - unclear roles, inappropriate allocation of people, disruptors of team dynamics, communication problems, etc.


Quantifly offers data collection with simple digital questionnaires, hardware and professional data processing to produce diagnostic reports, and a link to relevant HR professionals to help management develop and implement an action plan with measurable results.


To date, Quantifly has been trusted by more than 60 national and international companies to improve the performance of their employees through organizational diagnostics and proposed action plans. Best practice examples show that a three-month action plan can increase target metrics of organizational vitality by more than 10%, which is reflected in business results.


In uncertain times, employee performance is critical not only to an organization's success, but also to its survival. Quantifly is therefore an essential strategic management tool for high value-added organizations and has global potential.


Because of its potential, Quantifly has been selected as one of the 5 most promising companies to compete for the Slovenian Start:Up of the Year Award.




Join us on 30 May at 18.00 at the SiTi theatre in Ljubljana.



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