The 7th International Technology Transfer Conference

Day 11. September 2014 posted Stanislava Vabšek

In collaboration with the Day of Innovation 2014 (Chamber of Commerce), the Centre for Technology Transfer and Innovation at the Jožef Stefan Institute is organizing the 7th International Technology Transfer Conference on September 17th 2014.

The central theme of this year’s conference is the introduction of the innovation system into an organisation, and valuation of the technology for ensuring financing. The latter will be supplemented with a start-up workshop as well as with prizes for innovations in research labs and companies.

We are specifically calling for all researchers to apply for the conference prize for best innovative projects with the biggest commercial potential. The prize fund is 2,000 EUR worth, and the winner will be chosen by foreign experts from the field of technology transfer, as well as by representatives of venture capital from home and abroad.

Companies and researchers will be able to have prearranged acquaintance meetings and discussions about the development and technological solutions, as well as presentations of inventions and commercially interesting projects.

Conference organisers are also inviting individuals to participate at the B2R (business-to-research) meetings that will take place during the conference. At these meetings, researchers will be able to speak with representative of more than 80 Slovenian companies, which will help them set the foundations for future development collaborations and business synergies. For the list of companies and their representatives, write to or call +386 1 477 3224.

Participation at the meetings is free. Researchers will also have free transport from the Jožef Štefan Institute at their disposal.

Additional information and applications:
Phone: +386 1 477 3224

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