Online platform Beeping is planning an expansion to Croatia

Day 14. March 2017 posted Stanislava Vabšek

The online platform Beeping, that enables the ordering of background checked and reliable cleaners (more than 90% of these work on the black market), currently has 2.500 registered users, has around 30 % monthly growth in orders and plans on spreading to Zagreb in April.
The online platform Beeping, that started operating last spring is solving a problem of a growing number of Slovenian homes. Where can we find curated and reliable cleaning help? 90% of the home cleaning market is on the black market. Not just in Slovenia, but in the broader EU region. Beeping offers in a single place the combination of cleaners who want to make extra money with users in a practical system that without any additional responsibilities or talks. 
Key advantages of Beeping: 
  • A practical solution that enables users to order a background checked, reliable, and equipped cleaner in 1 minute. 
  • 100% guarantee of service satisfaction (if the client is not pleased with the service, the cleaners will come back free of charge). 
  • Safe online payment.
  • Insurance of responsibility in case of injuries for up to 100.000 €.
The mission of the young entrepreneurial team is clear - create more time for the more pleasurable things in life. Key business insights:
  • 30% average monthly growth.
  • 2.500 registered online platform users.
  • Soon the 1000th cleaning will be done through the platform. Just in 2016 users saved over 2.300 hours for the more pleasurable things in life.
  • More than 40% of all orders are through Beeping Premium (a subscription service).
  • 30 cleaners are offering their services through the online platform.
  • Their services are available in Ljubljana, Maribor, Goriško and coastal municipalities. 
  • In April they will expand to Zagreb.
  • The typical Beeping customer is a woman (65% of all users) between the ages of 30 and 45 that is active, and who values time spent with family. 
  • Since the beginning Beeping is in partnership with Generali insurance company. Furthermore, they are close to a partnership with one of the biggest global brands in the field of home products. 
The key activities of the team are currently focused on finding the optimal way of getting new users, professional cleaners and building longterm relations. The vision is for Beeping to become the right hand of households in capitals and chosen cities in a wider region of central and eastern Europe.
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