12 recipients of autumn SK investments are known! There are now 45 companies in the SK family, and they’ve received 3.8 million € of capital

Day 11. February 2016 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Last week, the Slovene Enterprise Fund signed contracts with 12 startups from the autumn round of SK products. Nine young innovative companies will thus receive a convertible loan SK75 in the amount of 75,000 € and three companies will receive the SK200 investment worth 200,000 €. The companies will also enter accelerator programmes Start:up Geek House and Go:Global Slovenia, receive intensive support from chosen mentors and a benefits package altogether worth 110,000 €. 45 companies have already obtained an SK investment, and the Slovene Enterprise Fund invested 3.8 million € seed capital into them.

Mentors and an accelerator programme

By approving the convertible loan of 75,000 €, Slovene Enterprise Fund ensures early seed capital for innovative startup companies in the product/market fit stage. The SK75 product also includes help from and collaboration with a chosen startup mentor and an intense 3-month accelerator programme Start:up Geek House.

Comprehensive support for rapid global growth

Three recipients of the SK200 investments are also innovative startups that already found their product/market fit. Now they need fresh capital for financing rapid global growth and professional company organization. For them, the SK200 product also includes intense mentoring support and the accelerator programme Go:Global Slovenia.

Benefits package in the amount of 110,000 €

Additionally, all companies that received the SK75 or SK200 investment also had at their disposal a benefits package in the joint value of 110,000 €, ensured by the Initiative Start:up Slovenia together with partners.

Recipients of the SK75 investment, generation autumn 2015

All nine recipients of the SK75 investment from last year’s autumn round are posted below, including short descriptions and in alphabetical order.


Company – ABCS sistem

Product: system for automatically turning off turn signals Smart Turn System
ABCS sistem is developing Smart Turn System – currently the most exact and reliable system for automatically turning off turn signals on the motorbike after a completed manoeuvre. The system saves motorcyclists who get into dangerous situations due to incorrectly using turn signals. More.

COO: Rok Upelj
E-mail: rok.upelj@safer-turn.com 
Web: www.safer-turn.com


Company - Biometrika  

Product: Biometric module Armbeep
Company Biometrika, developing and marketing the biometric module Armbeep, are aware that tennis coaches today can't recognize the key reasons behind winning or losing based only on observation, video clips of the player and statistic data. They also don’t have an exact comparison between training sessions and a match, which makes it difficult for them to set optimal goals for a player’s training. More.

CEO: Sergej Prosen 
E-mail: sergej@armbeep.com
Web: http://www.armbeep.com/

Company - Bitnot  

Product: SmartLOCK smart lock with a digital key
SmartLOCK is the first universal smart lock with a digital key in Europe, enabling the doors to be open hands-free and suitable for all most frequently used types of locks. The system detects the phone moving closer to the door that you are authorized to access (digital key) and opens it automatically when you’re nearby. Installation on an existing lock is simple and takes 15 minutes or less. More.
CEO: Martin Koterle
E-mail: martin@bitnot.io
Web: http://bitnot.io/ 

Company - DS Meritve  

Product: 2GG® Second Generation Grid
 2GG® - Second Generation Grid is a comprehensive system for gathering, transferring and processing the information on energy and water consumption. The system was developed with the purpose of offering network administrators a system that’s ready to be installed on existing meters, without the need to change the entire infrastructure and make big investments. More.
CEO: Dejan Lešnik
E: dejan@dsmeritve.si
W: http://www.2gg.si

Company - MEDICOAPPS  

Product: FlySentinel
MEDICOAPPS is developing FlySentinel, a prestigiously designed watch for pilots that monitors their psychophysical condition and the environment they are in during the flight. More.
CEO: Primož Grajžl
E-mail : primoz.grajzl@medicoapps.com
Web: www.medicoapps.com

Company - Next  

Product: Beeping web platform
Next is developing the Beeping web platform that enables people to simply book home cleaners that are trained and verified beforehand. This way, you need only 60 seconds for a clean home and a free afternoon. More.

CEO: Jan Dobrilovič
E-mail: jan.dobrilovic@beeping.si
Web: www.beeping.si

Company - Playness  

Product: The Playness app and an international academy
Playness is an innovative programme, based on modern scientific discoveries, meant to encourage physical activities in children of up to 9 years old. More.
CEO: dr. Milan Hosta
E-mail: milan@playness.com  
Web: http://www.playness.com

Company - Simarin  

Product: nautical energy meter Simarine Pico
The newest developmental achievement of Simarin is the device Simarine Pico, an advanced nautical energy meter, level meter and barograph, solving problems with accumulators and power outages on vessels. More.
CEO: Igor Kocman
E-mail: igor@simarin.si
Web: http://simarin.si/

Company - SipSup  

Product: SipSup platorm for innovative drinks promotion
Current focus of the company is introducing the innovative solution SipSup into restaurants and pubs, where they are connecting brands of known drinks manufacturers with users in the exactly right moment – when they’re having fun in relaxed company while drinking a certain alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. More.

CEO: Anže Volovšek
E-mail: anze@sipsup.me
Web: http://www.sipsup.me/


SK200 recipients, generation autumn 2015

All three recipients of the SK200 investment from last year’s autumn round are posted below, including short descriptions and in alphabetical order.

Company – Vastok  

Product: personalized natural cosmetics AlpStories
Personalized 100 % natural cosmetics AlpStories that everyone designs according to their tastes and under their brand. A developed and working business model wishes to deliver the best experience to cosmetics users in the B2C segment and companies in the B2B segment. More.
CEO: Danijel Hubman
E-mail: danijel.hubman@alpstories.si
Web: www.alpstories.si

Company - Ledcom  

Product: magnetic accessories for tablets and phones XVIDA
Company Ledcom developed a system of magnetic accessories that make any tablet or mobile phone more useful. Their holders and handholds increase the functionality of a mobile device in many situations, including during driving, cycling or working in the office. An innovative magnetic mechanism ensures safe and simple installation as well as reliable and quick wireless charging, which is a current novelty on the market. More.

Company – Ponika 

Product: system for simultaneously breeding plants and fish Ponnod
Ponika is one of the first five aquaponics companies in Europe. They’re developing systems for simultaneously breeding plants and fish. By setting up self-cleaning fish farms, they enable growers and urban hobby gardeners to grow vegetables anywhere, using 90 % less water and with natural nourishments, like nature has been doing for millions of years.
CEO: dr. Maja Turnšek Hančič
E-mail: maja@ponnod.com 
Web: www.ponnod.com 

The SK family has 45 companies!

Last year's autumn generation of SK companies is already fourth in the row. 45 companies have already been supported with Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK products (SK50, SK75 and SK200). The list of companies can be found here. 3.8 million € seed capital has already been invested into the companies. Let us remember only a few popular success stories such as Nizkocenovci, Adora, Chipolo and Trainers4me. You can find more news on the website www.startup.si, but you should also keep up to date with current news and events by subscribing to our newsletter.



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