Amazing Week for Fastcast: An Investment and Global Partnership Acquired

Day 24. October 2019

Fastcast, one of the most successful Slovenian startups looking for talents for a variety of entertainment industries, has collaborated with one of the world's largest online photo and video marketing platforms these days and has acquired investment to grow and support its current partnerships.


Starting in 2016, Fastcast is increasingly becoming one of Europe's leading talent search solutions. Their platform now represents more than 100,000 talents from multiple corners of the globe. The world’s largest production companies and creators, who sell their images and imagery through online platforms, are already using it.


As a web agent, Fastcast connects creators, producers and advertisers with a wide variety of talented individuals. In this way, creators can get in touch with talents directly and avoid high fees, whereas individuals are more exposed to more business opportunities and navigate their careers in the entertainment industry more easily. A few weeks ago, the company hosted more than 100 performers on the stage of Stožice Stadium for one of the major Slovenian producers.


The investment will enable serious penetration into the wider European market

Days ago, Fastcast received a major investment that allows them to seriously penetrate the broader European market, expand their sales and support department and build a strong global community, said David Halb, founder and CEO of Fastcast.


The company is committed to its mission: "To be the first and largest in the world to give talented individuals a chance at a 'job' daily." After the successful cooperation with the Slovenian Business Accelerator  ABC Accelerator and to the Slovenian Enterprise Fund, the startup is already positioning itself as a credible channel in the foreign markets.


Slovenian Enterprise Fund, which gave Fastcast an SK75 SEF convertible loan in spring 2017 is also satisfied with the new investment in the company. "At the Slovenian Enterprise Fund, we are delighted with every success story, also backed by SPS incentives, and we are especially pleased if young innovative companies, with our help, become successful, develop, grow, internationalize and ultimately attract other independent investors," says M.Sc. Maja Tomanic Vidovic, Director of the Slovenian Enterprise Fund.


The SEF strives for more such stories

The director adds that entrepreneurship is not only a successfully handled business but also a way of life and thinking: "It requires enterprising, positive and creative people who are responsible for themselves and others and are willing to work hard. On the other hand, it offers an interesting and full life. " She is convinced that the encouragement in the form of a convertible loan is certainly "crucial for the further stable steps and the courageous conquest of the global market and the search for new investors."


That is why the SEF is seeking more stories like that backed by seed capital, as this is also the purpose of this type of financing. "Our team also congratulates the company on this occasion, and we look forward to another successful story, supported by SEF funds," said Maja Tomanic Vidovic.


David Halb co-founded Fastcast with Matej Gregorčič, founder and CEO of the renowned startup Viberate, which excels in the international world of music. Gregorčič, together with Dejan Roljič, also founded the Eligma startup, which currently brings cryptocurrency payments to everyday life with the service GoCrypto. Together, all three companies have received over $ 30 million in investment funds to date and employ more than 100 people in Slovenia. 


Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.