From a Garage in Ljubljana to Jennifer Lopez's Apartment

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Slovenian company Lupit Pole, a member of Ljubljana Technology Park, which manufactures dance equipment for the pole, produced a brass pole for the movie Hustlers, a blockbuster this fall. They even equipped a stand-alone pole in the apartment of famous American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who practiced acting for the movie on their pole in her home in New York.


Lupit Pole, who, in addition to pole dancing equipment, also produces aerial acrobatic art equipment, is a recognized international player in the world of these two disciplines with a diverse, top-notch product range for home, specialized studios and competitions.


Their good reputation reached even to Hollywood


The company's biggest achievement so far has been the production of a brass rod for the Hustlers movie, which a blockbuster of this fall. They even equipped a stand-alone pole in the apartment of famous American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who practiced acting for the movie on their pole in her home in New York. 


Several major film productions, including the infamous portrait of WikiLeaks creator Snowden, used their poles.


Pole dancing will be an Olympic discipline soon


Pole dance is one of the fitness disciplines that has been trending in recent years. It is also a great way to lose weight, increase strength and build endurance. According to current estimates, 6 million people in the world are actively involved in pole dance, while pole dance will soon be included in the Olympic Games as a sporting discipline.


From a fun challenge...


Ten years ago, co-owners of the company Lupit Pole Iztok Vodičar and Janez Štepec, by education electrical and mechanical engineers, more for entertainment than serious business accepted the challenge to make a quality rotating pole for the dance studio Mademoiselle in Slovenia, owned by their friend.


From then on, everything went parallel with the desire to learn and create. In 2009, Lupit Pole, with two employees, was active only on the Slovene market, while in 2014 it penetrated the European market and began expanding into the United States. sponsoring the biggest "pole" event in the world


Today, the company, with 16 employees, its own manufacture, technical and research departments and international sales and marketing departments, is present at the world's largest competitions and is the official sponsor of the largest Pole Expo event in Las Vegas. They established a wide international network of vendors and equipped dance studios around the world with poles.


Only top quality products are good enough


Above all, we are committed to our work. We work with people, not with equipment. We're listening. Our team of researchers constantly examines past successes, integrates them with the latest trends in mechanical engineering and refines them in collaboration with our partners, Lupit Pole brand ambassadors and top 'pole' and 'aerial' artists - influencers that are actively involved in the development process. In this way, we focus on user needs and improvements and launch only high-quality products on the market, "says Iztok Vodičar, CEO.


With sincerity and eagerness of the Lupit Pole team, identified also the wider "pole" community. They build long-term and close relationships based on trust, support and respect.


In the future, also products for aerial silk dance


The company plans to become the second-largest manufacturer of pole products on the global market, as new products are developed in line with market developments and trends. First, they will embark on products for aerial silk dancing, and then outside the "pole" dance, in the development of fitness and yoga equipment, or a direction dictated by market demand.





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