Most at stake weddings, less construction and renovation.

Day 18. November 2020 posted Start:up Slovenija

The second wave of the corona crisis is likely to have the same or even greater consequences to the business of service providers than the first wave. This is shown by the analysis of the decline in the number of requests and new projects on the platform. The crisis is expected to be most felt by wedding service providers, and to a lesser extent by construction service providers.


The team of the platform, which is also the recipient of the SK75 convertible loan of the Slovene Enterprise Fund, concludes in its analysis on the basis of first movements that the decline of interest in construction and renovation with the reintroduction of restrictive measures at the second wave is expected to be lower than at the first wave.


In particular, the usual seasonal fluctuations, and not so much the corona crisis, are expected to affect fluctuations of interest in business services (tax consulting, graphic design, GDPR implementation, proofreading, advertising services, copywriting, PR - public relations, ...).


The impact of the first and second waves of the corona crisis on personal services is also approximately the same, which includes mainly cleaning services, driving schools, car and space rentals, personal training, travel, moving, language learning, ...).



Content support for recipients of P2, SK75 or SI-SK financial products under the "de minimis" scheme is co-financed from the Slovene Enterprise Fund and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. This is implemented on the basis of the Content Support for Funds Recipients (SMEs) Programme in the 2018-2023 period, under the Operational Programme for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020.

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