Successful Sale of the Slovenian-American Company Cleanshelf

Day 26. March 2021

Last week, we saw a successful sale of one of the most interesting Slovenian startups, Cleanshelf, which offers automatic subscription cost management services of software (SaaS) for large companies. It was sold to the German company LeanIX.


Cleanshelf was founded in 2015 by Dušan Omerčević, and the Silicon Gardens I fund was its first investor. This was followed by several venture capital investments, the last $ 8M in 2020 by US Dawn Capital and Bulgarian LAUNCHub.

“Cleanshelf is the first successful exit of our fund. The global story that led through Ljubljana, London and then San Francisco got a great epilogue. The making of the company takes time and we still have quite a few things waiting, which are developing nicely ", said Peter Ribarič, director of the Silicon Gardens I fund.

The Cleanshelf team will integrate their product into LeanIX. Therefore, the Ljubljana office is becoming one of the development centers of LeanIX, where Dušan Omerčević will take over the role of Vice President of the SaaS management product.


Gregor Rebolj, director of the Silicon Gardens II fund, added: “The year 2020 has accelerated the digital transformation and our companies have experienced more growth. We believe that there are still many opportunities for global stories in the region and Silicon Gardens is a great partner for them. Cleanshelf is our harbinger of spring. ”


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