Platform SEOVISOR also available for marketing activities in the US

Day 19. December 2016

SEOVISOR, innovative self-service SEO (search engine optimization) platform, which includes numerous innovative concepts in the search marketing industry, is now available to all small and medium-sized companies and startups aiming at the American market. The product, which also obtained Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment, solves the problem of monitoring online markets dynamics and does so a lot more affordably than big companies pay for this purpose now.  


Why is SEO problematic for smaller companies?

Following the dynamics of web markets can present a number of difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly when it comes to search engines where end users are looking for products or solutions for their problems. In essence, “organic” search results are immensely important and valuable for these businesses, representing the majority of redirected visits through search engines.
Unfortunately, most SMEs lack the appropriate market intelligence resources and business processes that allow them to truly conquer the search engine ranking. The SEOVISOR solution now gives SMEs a solution to the problem at a fraction of the cost that larger enterprises pay for this purpose. Entrepreneurs can thus improve their web-related business processes and also enhance their digital competitiveness, explained Goran Krajačič, CEO of SEOVISOR, at the launch of the SEOVISOR platform for the American market.

Functionalities of the SEOVISOR platform

The platform is designed to be easy to use and is targeted towards marketing departments to ultimately improve their SEO processes with the following functionalities: freshness signals, brand and social signals, market monitoring, competitive intelligence and a lucrative rank tracking functionality.
So if your target market is the US, you can try SEOVISOR for free at To test the SEOVISOR tool for the Slovenian market for free, you can register at the address
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Contact for more information:
Goran Krajačič, SEOVISOR CEO
M: +386 31582686



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