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Day 4. August 2022 posted Anemari Pediček

Are you a provider or user of new technology solutions that can improve efficiency throughout the food chain? Here's a great opportunity that has opened doors for many startups in the past, including Evegreen, BEVO and Acies Bio.


The fourth AGROBIZNIS HI-TECH competition is looking for high-tech solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly food production and processing with reduced consumption of natural resources, energy (electricity and heat) and basic resources such as fertilizers, PPP, water and fuels for agricultural machinery. 


the deadline is 14th october 2022 


Meet the successful startups




In the past, the Velenje startup Evegreen has also entered the competition, and competed for the coveted title of Slovenian Start:Up of the Year in 2020. Together with a partner company from Germany, the Evegreen team has developed a new, affordable and fully biodegradable material that leaves no trace in the soil. They have developed a new process for processing these materials on conventional plastic injection molding machines. They have come up with an ECO solution - the flower pot, which is also suitable for planting in spring. The Evegreen flower pot is simply planted in the garden together with the plant, where it immediately becomes an effective natural protection against garden pests. After 3 months, the pot decomposes and becomes a fertilizer. 




more about evegreen


Bevo (Juicy Marbles)

In 2020, a startup from Kamnik, BEVO, also entered the competition and developed a technology to produce vegetable steaks that have the same texture as meat. Last year, they were the first in the world to present a plant-based version of the minion fillet. The steaks are sold under the Juicy Marbles brand, which was their entry for the Slovenian Start:Up of the Year in 2021.  


Juicy Marbles 

Veleposlaništvo Kraljevine Nizozemske je v podjetju prepoznalo velik potencial in startup Bevo nagradilo za inovacijo, ki vključuje elemente krožnega kmetijstva. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands recognized the great potential of the company and awarded the startup Bevo for its innovation that incorporates elements of cicular agriculture


more about Juicy Marbles 


Acies Bio 

The 2020 competition was also very successful for the biotech startup Acies Bio, which was awarded for the best idea in the field of new technologies. The company is developing organic pesticides against the pathogenic bacterium Xyllela fastidiosa. It is destroying olive groves across Italy and Spain and is spreading to almond trees. If the aggressive bacterium is not quickly eradicated, Europe could lose many olive groves, and olive yields could fall by 35-70%. Acies Bio also won the Slovenian Start:Up of the Year award in 2008. 


Acies Bio at the Slovenian Start:Up of the Year award in 2008

More about Acies Bio 


Who can apply?

Research institutions, companies and others developing or offering new, advanced technologies for the agriculture and food processing industry can apply. 

The competition also welcomes applications from farms, cooperatives, agri-food and food processing companies and other food providers that have already optimized the production, processing, packaging or transport of food (finished products) with new, advanced and environmentally sound solutions. 


Startups, if you are in the agriculture or food processing industry, take the opportunity to apply


The deadline for applications is 14th October 2022


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