Secrets of Successful Recruitment of Top Talents

Day 15. April 2024

Building a kickass team is no easy feat. Hiring top talent can be a make-or-break decision for any organization. The right hire can drive innovation, increase productivity, and take business to the next level. However, making mistakes during the hiring process can be costly and impact your company’s success.


Rekrutech knows how to handle these challenges, especially when hiring high-tech talents. They believe scaling the perfect team at the right pace is as important as the business vision itself.


Most common mistakes when hiring

When hiring, many companies make some common mistakes:


Rushing the hiring process: It’s understandable to want to fill a position quickly, but hiring the wrong person can be even more costly. Take your time to evaluate each candidate thoroughly, and don’t be afraid to ask for additional references or conduct more interviews if necessary.


Focusing on technical skills only: While technical skills are important, they are not the only factor to consider when hiring top talent. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving are equally important. Make sure you evaluate candidates based on their entire skill set.


Ignoring cultural fit: Hiring someone who is a great fit for your company culture is just as important as hiring someone with the right skills. A lack of cultural fit can lead to low morale, poor productivity, and even turnover. Make sure you evaluate each candidate based on their alignment with your company values and culture.


Not involving the team: Hiring top talent shouldn’t be left solely to the hiring manager. It’s important to involve the team in the hiring process, especially if the new hire will work closely with them. This can help ensure that the candidate is a good fit and that everyone is on board with the decision.


Offering a low salary: Top talent is in high demand, and offering a low salary can be a major turn-off for candidates. Ensure you offer a competitive salary and benefits package that aligns with industry standards.


Not selling the job: Hiring top talent requires more than just offering a salary and benefits. You need to sell the job and the opportunity to work for your company. Highlight the unique aspects of your company culture and the organization’s potential for growth and development.


By avoiding these mistakes and taking the time to evaluate each candidate thoroughly, you can hire top talent that will help drive the success of your business.


Search smarter, not harder

With the support of Rekrutech, hiring high-tech candidates is much easier. Rekrutech is more than just a recruiting agency. It has 15+ years of experience as a tech recruitment agency, 300+ successful IT placements and 100+ trusted partners.


Their mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between high-tech candidates and companies. They acknowledge that each organization has its own specific needs and challenges, and they utilize their extensive knowledge of the tech industry to locate the ideal candidate for the company’s team. Rather than simply matching a company with any available job seeker, they actively listen to their unique needs to ensure a right fit. They adopt a personalized strategy for each search, investing time and effort to establish a profound understanding of both their clients and candidates.


Tomaž Gajser from Rekrutech said, “Whether you are a fast-moving startup or a well-established corporation, we take the time to understand your company’s specific problems and culture. We use our knowledge to find the right candidate who not only has the skills to do the job but also the personality and work ethic to fit in with your team.


You will have the opportunity to meet Tomaž and the Rekrutech team at Podim 2024, 14 and 15 May in Maribor. Visit them at their booth and find out how they can help you find top talents.

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