Starting the autumn round of startup financing with 75,000€ and 200,000€ in seed capital from the Slovene Enterprise Fund

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On Tuesday, 1 September, we’re starting a series of ten roadshow events all across Slovenia to begin a new round of startup financing with 75,000  or 200,000  in seed capital. The autumn tenders for Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 and SK200 products give innovative startups an opportunity to acquire a 75,000  convertible loan or a 200,000 equity investment as well as join the accelerator programmes Start:up Geek House and Go:Global Slovenia. The deadline for submitting applications for the pre-selection process for both products is Thursday, 10 September. The roadshow events will give you all the information on how and why you should apply, and the advice and experiences of startup entrepreneurs who already received Slovene Enterprise Fund’s investment.  

For ideas with global growth potential

Financing with products SK75 or SK200 is an excellent opportunity for all startup companies with innovative ideas and potential for fast global growth. Much like in this spring, the series of autumn roadshow events will also give you all the information and personal advice for submitting applications into the pre-selection process and preparing the final tender applications.

Lean and agile methods for fast progress

The roadshow events will give you information on:

  • Lean and agile methods of product development that ensure fast progress and direct market feedback
  • Conditions and timeline of the pre-selection processes for both products and
  • How the local startup ecosystem can support you on your business path.


First-hand experience and advice

Startup entrepreneurs who already received an investment from the Slovene Enterprise Fund will have dynamic roadshow discussions about their advice and the experience they had with financing and company development with the fund’s invested resources, as well as with the private investors present in these investments alongside the fund, mentors and the Start:up Geek House and Go:Global Slovenia educational programmes.

Choose your location and join us!

Between 1 and 7 September we will organise ten roadshow events in Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper, Celje, Nova Gorica, Velenje, Novo mesto and Murska Sobota. Choose the location and date that suit you best and submit the mandatory application for the free event:

  • Nova Gorica, Primorska Technology Park, on Tuesday, 1 September 2015 at 14 o’clock
  • Ljubljana, Technology Park Ljubljana, on Wednesday, 2 September 2015 at 14 o’clock
  • Murska Sobota, Technology Park of Pomurje, on Thursday, 3 September 2015 at 14 o’clock
  • Koper, Primorska University Development Center and Incubator, on Thursday at 14 o’clock
  • Novo mesto, Podbreznik entrepreneurship incubator, on Thursday, 3 September 2015 at 14 o’clock
  • Maribor, Venture Factory, on Thursday, 4 September 2015 at 14 o’clock
  • Velenje, Štart:up Velenje, on Friday, 4 September 2015 at 19 o’clock
  • Celje, Savinja Region Insubator, on Saturday, 5 September 2015 at 14 o’clock
  • Ljubljana, Jožef Štefan Institute, on Monday, 7 September 2015 at 10 o’clock
  • Ljubljana, Ljubljana University Incubator, on Monday, 7 September 2015 at 14 o’clock


Timeline from pre-selection to applying to the tender

Innovative startups that will try to obtain the 75,000 convertible loan or 200,000  equity investment have to submit the applications for the pre-selection processes for both products (SK75 and SK200) until 10 September at the latest. The timeline of the entire process is in the table below.
Timeline/steps                                   Product SK75                           Product SK200
Submitting the application into the pre-selection process   

  • 10 September

First pre-selection phase (pitches)                                

  • 15 September

Demo day preparation (polishing the business model and pitch training)           

  • Working weekend: 19 and 20 September
  • Investment preparation: 23 and 24 September

Demo Day (mandatory personal entrepreneur/team pitch)

  • 30 September

SK75 and SK200 tender application

  • 9 October

Accelerator programme beginning

  • Start:up Geek House: November 2015
  • Go:Global Slovenia: November 2015


Which tender should you apply for?

Products SK75 and SK200 are meant for different stages of growth and development of innovative startup companies with global growth potential. Both accelerator programmes – Start:up Geek House and Go:Global Slovenia – are also adapted to specific challenges that entrepreneurs face in specific development stages.

Table for help in choosing and applying for products

Company that wishes to apply has:

  • A business team
  • An identified problem worth solving on the market
  • An innovative problem solution
  • A prototype or an MVP
  • An identified customer segment
  • Completed user acceptance testing
  • Customers already paying for the product
  • Private investors to invest alongside the Fund*
  • Completed the first steps for global growth
  • The required company age** (up to 3 years, up to 5 years)

*Slovene Enterprise Fund
**Exact company age is defined in tender documentation

SK75 for companies looking for their product/market fit

The 75,000 EUR convertible loan is thus meant for companies that have completed market testing, confirmed the existence of the problem and developed a prototype or an MVP. They need the investment for establishing contact with potential buyers, further testing the hypothesis and functions, doing market research and completing the product according to market demands.

Company has to be registered before submitting the pre-selection application

Contenders for the SK75 product are innovative micro- and small startup companies, less than three years old (from registration date to submitting the application), otherwise the company has to be registered before the application is submitted into pre-selection, i.e. until 10 September 2015. The SK75 product doesn’t demand simultaneous presence of an additional private investor, but the companies that have one receive additional points.

Start:up Geek House accelerator programme

The accelerator programme Start:up Geek House, which SK75 investment recipients enter after signing the contract with Slovene Enterprise Fund, is an intense 3-month-long educational programme where entrepreneurs can:

  • Acquire the latest entrepreneurship knowledge for building a lean and agile company
  • Work and learn with excellent startup mentors
  • Use co-working facilities
  • Get administrative and professional support
  • Get media recognisability and promotion at home at abroad, and
  • Get help when further looking for potential partners and international clients.


SK200 for starting fast global growth

The 200,000 EUR public equity investment is meant for companies that have already found their product/market fit. They have a finished product that they’re selling on the market, they have a private investor that contributes at least 40,000 EUR of capital when entering alongside the Slovene Enterprise Fund, and they’re also preparing to obtain a bigger investment round from venture capital funds.

Go:Global Slovenia accelerator programme

Recipients of the SK200 investment will get answers to specific challenges of fast growth in the Go:Global Slovenia accelerator programme, where they will prepare for an international investment and gain a personal startup mentor as well as undergo an adapted educational programme that will help them organise their company professionally.
Programme Go:Global Slovenia also includes comprehensive administrative support, access to favourable infrastructure across Slovenia, access to a network of investors from Slovenia and abroad, active promotion at home and abroad, and contact with various international global startup hubs across the world.

30 startups already received SK investments!

In the rounds of last autumn and this spring, 30 startup companies already obtained Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 and SK200 investments. Their short stories are posted on, amongst them are also ADORA-MED, Chipolo,, Travelstarter and Trainers4me, already reaping the first visible successes at home and abroad.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any other questions before submitting the application or attending a roadshow event, write to us at Otherwise we’ll see and talk to you live at your chosen location.

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