Beeping into a partnership and a discount for a safe and clean home!

Day 17. May 2016 posted Stanislava Vabšek

A warm and safe home is the basis and necessity of every individual and family. A clean and fragrant home is one of the most pleasant things, but sadly we run out of time to clean all too often. The Ljubljana-based startup Next, recipient of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment, launched their product Beeping about a month ago in Ljubljana – it’s a web platform for scheduling professional home cleaners. Generali insurance company also recognized the potential of the “Slovenian Uber for cleaners” and offered it to new insurants of the Home package. Beeping is also spoiling the Slovenian startup community, offering a 10 % discount with the first order by using the code st4rtb33p, valid until the end of June.

Exclusive partnership!

In collaboration with Next, insurance company Generali recognized a good business opportunity and became an exclusive partner of Beeping to insure the responsibilities of cleaning services. They strengthened the collaboration with joint sales and marketing activity for rewarding insurants, which started at the start of the month in the area of Ljubljana.

Constantly improving the user experience

The Beeping team is currently collaborating with five verified and reliable cleaners that they simply call Beepers, a team expansion is planned soon. Besides regular orders, the team is intensively working on constantly improving the user experience, making progress in cleaning standards and work processes, but mostly on in-depth work with users who already entrusted them with cleaning their homes.

Cleaning the home of key employees

Besides the already mentioned collaboration with Generali, Beeping is on the verge of concluding deals with several known companies in Slovenia, with which they are planning on collaborating through exclusive offers of cleaning the homes of their key employees. They are also concluding the collaboration with the Economic Faculty in Ljubljana on a research market project regarding the habits of families in Ljubljana and its surroundings, as well as their experiences with cleaning and spending free time.

Use a discount for the first order!

So try the unique Beeping experience and benefit from a 10 % discount that the Beeping team is giving to your first order.


Right development path

The Generali insurance company believes that startups are the right development path for entrepreneurship in Slovenia, and that bigger, established companies can also gain a lot from them. At this opportunity, Vanja Horvat, president of the management board of the Generali insurance house, said: “A dynamic startup environment isn’t only the current trend, it’s a way of adapting and working. A new way of entrepreneurship is largely marked by technology. The Beeping service is a step into this direction and we are happy that we entered joint collaboration as an exclusive partner. In our work, we wish to be initiators of novelties on the market while striving for continuous recognisability.” 

A partner that recognized the value added!

Jan Dobrilovič, co-founder and CEO of Next, which developed Beeping, said the following about the collaboration: “Generali is a partner that has recognized our service’s value added for its insurants ever since the very beginning. We are happy that even established business systems have an ear for penetrating business stories. Even more, we upgraded the partnership with responsibility insurance, in case of any troubles.”
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Beeping is a web platform offering a simple way of ordering pre-checked and trained cleaners to one’s home. Beeping solves problems of owners, real estate renters and cleaners who are limited in marketing their services due to the workings of the black market. Beeping allows home cleaning to be ordered quickly, safely and easily with a few simple clicks, without doing time-consuming searching and having to check its quality. The Beeping service’s team, idea and desires also convinced the Slovene Enterprise Fund and received a 75,000 EUR convertible loan through the financial product SK75. They also became a member of the Ljubljana accelerator Start:up Geek House.

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