The TOP 20 startups of this year's PODIM Challenge are known!

Day 5. May 2017 posted Majda Dodevska

The TOP 20 startups of this year's PODIM Challenge are known! The jury, consisting of the representatives of Slovenian Business Angels Club, RSG Kapital, Start:up Slovenia initiative, CorpoHub, DsgFwd Accelarator and Mr. Julien Coustary has reviewed 96 applications and chosen 20 top startups for the semi-finals of PODIM Challenge.
This year’s main prize for the PODIM Challenge winner is an all-inclusive one-week business trip to the Silicon Valley with a networking programme, organized by the ABC Accelerator in the total value of 10,000 EUR.
These are the semi-finalists of this year's PODIM Challenge:
  1. 3D Survey (Modri Planet), (Slovenia, Company Modri planet has developed a comprehensive system for gathering geospatial information from air and analyzing it as well as converting it into exact 3D models.
  2. Agitron (Slovenia,  Agitron provides retailers with insights into customer purchasing habits, enables product layout optimizations, employee management, and allows improved advertising.
  3. AOX | Development Studio (BiH, AOX | Development Studio created a complete solution in wireless remote monitoring for irrigation and crop management from the convenience of your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  4. Apon (Serbia, Apon enables anybody to create amazing and cost-effective apps in no time with an intuitive user interface and powerful drag and drop components.
  5. Coinhab (Slovenia, Coinhab is a platform for collective housing projects, which links potential buyers around suitable real estate.
  6. Crosscloud (Austria, Crosscloud enables every company to use multiple modern cloud storage solutions to communicate with customers and partners in a secured and controlled way.
  7. (SmartPA) (Slovenia, collects unstructured, publicly available data from more than 1000 data sources on the internet and delivers structured B2B people and company data in a way that can instantly be implemented in their sales and marketing processes.
  8. Diab Trend (Ép Gép Ép Test) (Hungary, diabtrend,com): The company is developing an application called DiabTrend - a "smart" diary application for diabetic people, which can analyze the data recorded in the application with modern big data tools and help diabetic people manage their diabetes.
  9. FastCast (Slovenia, Fastcast is going to build the strongest network / marketplace for commercial film production - a marketplace for recruitment of talent and hiring filming locations worldwide.
  10. Feelif (Slovenia, Feelif is a multimedia tool for blind and visually impaired people that enables them to feel shapes on a standard touchscreen.
  11. Genialis (Slovenia, Genialis builds software that empowers scientists to autonomously interact with biological data through Real-Time Interactive Visualization technology, which provides an unprecedented level of life scientist user engagement with data.
  12. Home Friend (Juvo) (Croatia, Juvo - Home Friend is an alarm system for sneaky toddlers. It's a home alarm system for reporting a child's movement towards less safe areas in the home.
  13. Hushme (Ukraine, Hushme is a personal acoustic device protecting speech privacy when speaking on the phone in open space offices and public places.
  14. Invoice Exchange (Borza terjatev) (Slovenia, Invoice Exchange is an online peer-to-peer marketplace that enables companies to easily sell their outstanding B2B invoices to financial investors through a secure, auction-based exchange.
  15. Keeply (Kamino) (Slovenia, Keeply is a digital vault for sensitive data on all digital platforms.
  16. Koola CRM (Koola) (BiH, Koola is a connected car CRM platform that connects car dealerships with its customers, shows service opportunities (service due, crash reports, engine faults, revenue opportunity) and increases customer retention, satisfaction and dealership revenues.
  17. Roivenue (Cross Masters) (Czech Republic, Roivenue helps marketers measure, analyze, and improve ROI of their marketing activities.
  18. Teodoor (Bitnot) (Slovenia, The prosperous young company Teodoor from Slovenia is set to please its customers with the most advanced smart lock for front doors of apartments or houses.
  19. Unigraph & (Ingeniosity) (Slovakia, Ingeniosity is creating an Artificial Intelligence layer for text analysis and understanding based on an internal knowledge graph that stores information about every object in the world we live in.
  20. Viberate (Slovenia, Viberate is a live music marketplace, matching musicians with event organizers.

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