SmartNinja teaches programming and IT skills to all beginners and individuals willing to learn

Day 16. January 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek

SmartNinja is a school of programming and contemporary IT skills launched by the Club of young entrepreneurs with the purpose of helping people develop talents and professional skills of the 21st century. It gives complete beginners and those with some prior knowledge the tools to do their jobs more efficiently, improve their employment opportunities and even create a job for themselves. For a symbolic price, they will teach the participants the skills of programming, graphic design and the internet of things. Their first courses on creating websites in HTML and CSS languages will be done in collaboration with the Initiative Start:up Slovenia and will take place in Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica in February.

The first SmartNinja Weekend workshops this year will cover the basics of making websites in HTML and CSS and will be carried out in collaboration with the Initiative Start:up Slovenia in February in Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica.

Smart ninjas and their mission

Matej Ramuta, Žiga Besal and Miha Fabjan, who form the core of the SmartNinja team, are convinced that every one of us has talents that the traditional educational system often doesn’t recognize. SmartNinja’s mission is to help people discover and develop these talents and acquire or upgrade their IT skills, which will help individuals find a job more easily or even allow them to create it.

Team SmartNinja (from the left): Matej Ramuta, school leader, Miha Fabjan, organisation, and Žiga Besal, programming mentor.

The first weekend workshops this year

In collaboration with the Initiative Start:up Slovenia, they will carry out their first three SmartNinja Weekend workshops in Ljubljana (Technology Park Ljubljana), Maribor (Venture Factory, business incubator of the University of Maribor) and Nova Gorica (Primorska Technology Park), starting February. The content will cover the basics of programming, making websites in HTML and CSS. “Almost everyone has taken their first steps into the programming world with HTML and CSS. Those are the languages with which you design the front-end of websites. This level is suitable for complete beginners as well as for those who wish to refresh their knowledge. You will discover the work of a programmer through practical cases and intense training, and create your first website. Don’t hesitate – apply and spend a weekend in a good programming company,” is the promise of the SmartNinja team.

Future plans

In an article, published on the portal in the column Heroes of tomorrow, the team members are announcing a three-month long twice-weekly training that will begin in March. They will first start with a web programming course, where the participants will learn about the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python programming languages as well as about databases and other tools of modern web development. After the course, the participants will be prepared for a job of an intern or junior in an IT company. SmartNinja is also planning to do courses of Android programming, graphic design, microcontroller Arduino programming and use, and bioinformatics and biotechnology. 



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