Chipolo and their new smart keychain Chipolo Plus once again jumping ahead of the global competition!

Day 6. October 2016

Our SK200 startup Chipolo is introducing its new smart keychain – Chipolo Plus, which will make finding lost items even easier and faster. The young startup company, which already sold more than a million smart keychains across the world, launched its new product Chipolo Plus yesterday. The new smart keychain is the loudest on the global market, waterproof, and doesn’t need maintenance. It’s also available in seven trendy colours.

For any item you don’t wish to lose!

Smart keychain Chipolo Plus works in combination with the mobile app, which is available to phones that have Android or Apple operating systems. It’s also accessible over the internet. Chipolo Plus is a small keychain that runs on battery. You can hang or stick it to any object that you don’t wish to lose. In situations where you’re missing your keys, wallet or anything else, you only open the app on the mobile phone and ring your Chipolo Plus. The ringing of the keychain will make locating the item easier. When you can’t find your phone, you only press the button on the keychain and trigger the ringing, even if the phone is in silent mode.

They’re building the biggest community for finding lost items

“The company believes that all things in the world can have the power of smart location, which is why we’ve decided to build the biggest community for finding lost items,” says the CEO and one of the co-founders, Primož Zelenšek. “Our product is louder than competitive products, and its reach is up to 60 meters.”

Louder and waterproof

The new Chipolo Plus works on battery, with a lifespan of 12 months. Before the expiration of one year, the application will notify the users about the possibility of exchanging the keychain with a new one, for half the price (12 euros). The company will take care of the costs of exchanging the old keychain with the new one. Chipolo Plus is louder than its predecessor, which carries the name Chipolo Classic, and is available in 7 different colours, with three colours available exclusively in web sales. Unlike its predecessor, Chipolo Plus is also waterproof.

Three days a year spent on looking for misplaced or lost items

On average, people spend 10 minutes a day looking for lost items. This means that in the entire year, we spend 60 hours, which is nearly 3 days, for finding things that are somewhere in the apartment or the office. In the fast tempo of life, an individual with a smart keychain can save quite a bit of precious time. So it’s actually not surprising that the sales potential for products such as Chipolo Plus is as high as $10 billion in the year 2017. “When items, such as phones, wallet or keys get lost, this is very annoying and stressful for everyone involved.” Zelenšek adds: “Chipolo Plus will save a lot of time to people every day, every week and every year, by making finding lost items simpler and faster.”

About the company Chipolo

Chipolo is a successful Slovenian startup that started building its global recognisability in the year 2013, on Kickstarter. The young co-founders gathered nearly 300,000 dollars in 24 days with the smart keychain, which enabled them to launch manufacture. Today, Chipolo is present in 150 countries across the world, in physical stores as well as through web sales. With their newest product, the smart product Chipolo Plus, they’re making a big step forward in the sphere of smart keychains, and are jumping ahead of the global competition.




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