Smart Optometry is selling their products in the USA

Day 11. September 2019 posted Mitja Sagaj

Slovene startup Smart Optometry, which develops digital solutions for vision and eye care, has officially entered the US market with its vision training for children with lazy eye, poor convergence and strabismus. In the coming weeks, the team will also present themselves at the Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, the largest specialized trade show for the eye industry in the United States.

More children in need of vision training than people in Slovenia

The US market is a top priority for the company, as more children with this problem live there than there are people in Slovenia. In the USA alone, more than 100.000 children are born each year with problems that can be resolved through vision training, with amblyopia or the talking lazy eye prevailing. It is a problem in the development of vision, which causes poor development of one eye. As a result, the brain has the problem of merging two images of different quality, prioritizing only better ones - leading to a gradual further worsening of lazy eye.

Together with Experts to Better Vision for Children

Because existing ways of addressing this issue at home are quite time-consuming, demanding and uninteresting, often the treatment is abandoned. This is precisely where the innovation of the AmblyoPlay solution is shown. The company received, among other things, a gold award for innovation from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. At AmblyoPlay, vision training is done through a game on a computer or tablet. With these games, the user trains both the lazy eye and the brain to use both eyes properly and effectively.

"After first tests and discussions with our target group, we realized that the key to successful training is to make the whole process interesting, attractive, and thus help both parents and specialists achieve better results," says Žan Menart, CEO of Smart Optometry. The problems mentioned above are anything but niche. "Up to 5 percent of all children have problems that can be resolved with vision training and which often worsen over the years and have long-lasting consequences - reading, learning and driving issues."

Part of the largest exhibit in the USA

After officially launching onto the US market last week, accompanied by announcements in virtually all leading media in the industry, the team is now heading to the USA for its first trade presentation on the big stage. In just two weeks, they will be attending the largest eyewear exhibition in the USA, the Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, as an exhibitor. The fair, attended by more than 15.000 eye specialists every year, is a great opportunity to build new business contacts and, as the company says, the start of building a retail network together with eye clinics and centres across the United States.

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