NERVteh technology impressed the visitors, experts, and investors at NAIAS, one of the most influential international car fairs!

Day 23. January 2018 posted Stanislava Vabšek

NERVteh, one of the most promising Slovenian startups, a recipient of an SK50 investment from the Slovenian Entrepreneurship fund, alumni of the ABC accelerator and a portfolio startup of Zavarovalnica Triglav, received praise from visitors, experts, and potential investors at NAIAS (North American International Auto Show), one of the biggest and most important international car fairs. They also gained strong interest from the representative of the VectoIQ fund, Stephan Girsky, who is a former vice president and board member of the American car giant General Motors.

One of 7 finalists

NERVteh attended the fair as one of seven finalists of the Autonomous Vehicles and Control Systems competition of the American accelerator TechStars. The young startup, lead by Matej Vengust, is developing drive simulators or technology for simulating driving and evaluating drivers, furthermore, it is also filling an important gap in current technologies for autonomous vehicles as it inputs the elements of the human decision-making process. 

This is it!

Their stand in the Cobo Center in Detroit is right next to the stand of the Magna corporation. However, this is by far not the only reason, that NERVteh's drive simulator and technology for autonomous vehicles received praise from more than ten thousand visitors, experts, and potential investors who visited their fair booth. Their comments can be summarized with "this is it", NERVteh technology is the missing piece, that is most missed by the technology of autonomous vehicles. 

Historical moment ...

In the light of key historical moments of the development of mobility, it is an achievement comparable to the one in 1994, when an IBM computer beat a human in a game of chess. As can be expected, due to this, the NERVteh team has a great number of meetings with the representative of the leading car manufacturers for potential partnerships. For further fast and successful development of NERVteh, it is imperative that event before attending the NAIAS trade fair, they got the attention of Stephan Girsky, an American investor from the VectoIQ fund. 



NAIAS is an event where future mobility innovations meet the pavement. With the largest concentration of the world’s top automotive and technology executives, designers, engineers and thought leaders, the North American International Auto Show serves as the global stage for companies to debut brand-defining vehicles and industry-shaping announcements. It is visited by approximately 800.000 visitors, more than five thousand journalists and media representatives, as well as forty thousand car industry and mobility experts. 

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