SAVE THE DATE: The 6th International CASSINI Hackathon Is Coming!

Day 31. August 2023 posted Anemari Pediček

Are you passionate about developing sustainable solutions that make a difference for a better future? Then you're in the right place! From 3 to 5 November, we are organizing the European Commission's 3-day international CASSINI Hackathon, where we will develop new solutions to support the development of sustainable infrastructure, more stable food chains, optimize food production and reduce the impact of forced migration. 


The organization will once again be in the hands of our Venture Factory, of which we are very proud and looking forward to the new challenge!


You can register for the CASSINI Hackathon on the official TAIKAI Hackathon platform. The first step is to register and the second step is to register for the hackathon itself. Registration is very easy and fast. It will open on 1 September and close on 27 October.


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See how we enjoyed last year's 4th Cassini Hackathon, organized by the Venture Factory.



From 03 to 05 November, we are organising a 3-day CASSINI Hackathon of the European Commission in Maribor, where we will develop new solutions to support the development of sustainable infrastructure, strengthen food safety and access to clean water, and understand and predict forced migration. All solutions are developed using data from European space technology programs and contribute to Europe's sustainability and green goals.


Participants to choose from three exciting and potentially world-changing challenges

This year, we will continue to tackle challenges that are vital to our future. Our agenda takes us into a world where we need to build sustainable infrastructure, ensure food safety and manage forced migration. In this adventure, we will benefit from data from the European space programs Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS, while at the same time committing ourselves to achieving the sustainability goals embodied in the ESG and SRI principles. Together we create a better future!

Read about European space technologies here!

challenge #1: Supporting sustainable infrastructure development


Access to energy is a fundamental aspect of economic and social development, yet people in the world still lack access to electricity. Some of the most pressing issues of energy access consist of a lack of infrastructure and distribution to remote areas. Satellite data can help identify suitable areas for renewable energy development, such as solar and wind power. More, space-based timing and communication technologies can improve the coordination of energy systems and enable more efficient and reliable transmission and distribution of electricity.


This challenge calls on tomorrow's innovators to develop products, devices, or services that leverage European space data, information and signals from Copernicus and Galileo to enable sustainable and impactful solutions. We encourage participants to dive into the areas of:

  • Spatial planning & site selection for infrastructure development
  • Renewable energy production forecasting
  • Future-proofing transportation & mobility infrastructure
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring and planning for remote communities
  • Assess damages to infrastructure caused by natural disasters or conflict

challenge #2: Strengthening food security & access to clean water


Access to food and water is a basic human right that remains a significant challenge for many populations around the world. Climate change, unsustainable land-use practices, and global supply chain disruptions further aggravate these challenges. Anticipating humanitarian crises and managing often-scarce resources are critical to strengthening overall access to food and water. Space technologies can contribute to improving food security by optimising land use, supporting accurate yield forecasting, and increasing supply chain resilience. They can improve access to clean water by identifying groundwater sites, understanding global water cycles, and monitoring and mitigating the effects of floods and droughts. Overall, space technologies have the power to enable humanitarian actors to better anticipate and prepare for future crises.


We encourage participants to dive into the areas of:

  • Anticipatory action for extreme weather events, including impact-based assessments to the food value chain, water supplies, infrastructure and communities
  • Agricultural yield forecasts and optimization
  • Logistics & resource allocation for emergency humanitarian assistance • Land cover & land use monitoring
  • Access and management of groundwater
  • Monitor water quality parameters like algal bloom, cyanobacteria, suspended matter


challenge #3: Understanding and forecasting forced migration


Natural and man-made crises threaten the livelihoods of millions of vulnerable people worldwide every day. Rising sea levels erode shorelines, contributing to coastal flooding and increasing groundwater salinity, while changes in rainfall patterns affect water supplies and the availability of arable land in rural communities. War and conflict cause massive disruption to food and water supplies, personal security and property ownership. As a result, residents in these vulnerable areas are often forced to migrate in search of work or to ensure their safety. Space technologies can help us understand the impact of climate change on coastal and rural regions of less developed countries with insights on population movement and land use/land change. They can also support the design and delivery of humanitarian assistance to people in need.


We encourage participants to dive into the areas of:

  • Digital tools and big data in migratory processes and population movements
  • Planning, decision-making and resource allocation due to natural and man-made disasters
  • Transportation and logistics to support displaced communities Impact of desertification in rural communities
  • Monitoring coastal communities and erosion


In addition to the Slovenian Venture Factory, the CASSINI Hackathon will also take place in 10 European countries

Estonia 🇪🇪Garage48

​Belgium 🇧🇪IDELUX Développement

Netherlands 🇳🇱stichting dotSPACE

Portugal 🇵🇹Ripply Flow, Lda

Spain 🇪🇸Fundació Privada Knowledge Innovation Market BCN

Germany 🇩🇪N3XTCODERS

Poland 🇵🇱Park Technologiczny sp. z o.o.

Croatia 🇭🇷Algebra University College

Romania 🇷🇴Romania Tech Startups Association

Ukraine 🇺🇦Ukrainian Startup Fund


Ready to join us?


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Collaboration opportunities for ambitious companies and mentors 


The Hackathon is an excellent opportunity to meet talented and ambitious individuals and build out-of-the-box solutions. If you are a company that wants to contribute to the creation of breakthrough solutions based on the concept of open innovation and can support the Hackathon with your knowledge, experience and other resources, you are welcome to participate.


On the other hand, mentors are an indispensable part of the Hackathon and will support the creative energy of the participants with their knowledge and experience.

Hackathons truly are the right place to innovate, network and create new business opportunities, so don't miss out on the chance to get involved!

If you're interested in collaborating, have a quick chat with Urban. Schedule a call here

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