Si.mobil is an established company thinking like a startup!

Day 5. May 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Startups, the PODIM Conference will offer you many excellent opportunities for meeting and connecting with Si.mobil. On the first day of the conference, a special workshop on the IoT world and mobile technologies will take place, while PODIM Speed Dating is an opportunity to get to know company representatives and talk to them about new potential opportunities for collaboration.

Si.mobil made its debut as the first private mobile operator in Slovenia more than fifteen years ago. They have always offered useful services to its users and they were the first operator to introduce a number of technology novelties onto the Slovenian market.

Innovative and user-oriented

Despite the fact that Si.mobil is a well-established company, they are still focused on innovativeness, upgrading their solutions and services, and searching for new business opportunities in non-traditional segments. In this regard, this resourceful company is like a startup. As part of the Telekom Austria group, Si.mobil also has access to exceptional knowledge and experiences in the international environment, which is an excellent advantage. This allows them to constantly improve their services and keep finding the best new ways to offer private and corporate users what they really need. 

Si.mobil supports entrepreneurial drive

For a number of years, Si.mobil has been supporting various organizations and initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship in Slovenia. By organizing Business TopTalk events, supporting the start:Cloud projects and sponsoring several business events, Si.mobil is raising the level of entrepreneurial knowledge and promoting entrepreneurship as a positive value in the society.
Boštjan Škufca Završek, Si.mobil board member and speaker at the PODIM entrepreneurship conference said the following about supporting entrepreneurship: “PODIM and Si.mobil are connected by similar views on entrepreneurship. We joined the conference because it’s an opportunity for exchanging experiences and for collaboration between established companies and startups, which enriches the entrepreneurial knowledge of participants and opens new business opportunities.”

Try to win iPhone6 in Si.mobil's play contest

Si.mobil will also organise a play contest at the PODIM Conference. Fill out the form at, and try to win an iPhone6, 16 GB. By submitting the form you also agree to be contacted by a Si.mobil’s sales representative.


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