Zavarovalnica Triglav also collaborates with startups to ensure innovative solutions for a safer future!

Day 27. March 2017 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Zavarovalnica Triglav, the leading insurance company in Slovenia and the Adriatic region, strives for modernity, innovativeness, and dynamism. In a centuries-old industry, their openness to ideas, understanding of diversity and collaboration between generations helps them solve challenges and bring quality, simple, innovative and comprehensive solutions to the market, creating a safer future. In the field of developing such solutions, they are collaborating and connecting with established tech players as well as startup companies. One of their most recognizable recent innovative solutions is the application Drajv, which unobtrusively introduces the functionalities of telematics into the offer of car insurance. As this year’s PODIM Challenge blue-chip partner, representatives of Zavarovalnica Triglav will be keeping an eye out for innovative startup teams with which they wish to collaborate in developing solutions in the sharing economy – implications for car and home insurance.

How digitalization is changing the insurance business 

Zavarovalnica Triglav realizes that digitalization is bringing important changes into the field of business efficiency, which is why they are introducing new technologies to optimize business processes and encourage their transparency and simplicity. A digital environment allows them to constantly improve their services: with digital paths, they are upgrading their business operations through more modern forms of taking out insurance, electronic damage reports and various mobile apps, for example in telematics, weather forecasts and other, lighter content.

Areas for collaborating with startups

They’ve written many success stories in the past by themselves, but some also came into existence through collaboration with startup companies. Because they want more of the latter, they are looking for startups that will use innovativeness to collaborate and develop solutions in the field of sharing economy – implications for car & home insurance:

  • Connectivity
  • Mobility services
  • Telematics – Active / Passive
  • Home automation / Smart Home
  • Internet of Things
  • Peer-to-Peer Services
  • Billing & Payment / Digital Wallet
  • User management
  • Customer Engagement and Gamification


Drajv and other innovative applications

One of the currently most recognizable innovative solutions of Zavarovalnica Triglav is the application Drajv, which unobtrusively introduces the functionalities of telematics into the offer of car insurance. Besides a strong preventive role, Drajv wishes to change the broader relationship of clients to traditional insurance content, mostly by using different, more modern communication, gamification and other fun content. In this, they are connecting with companies in road safety in a different way. With their advanced warning systems, they are equipping dangerous road segments across Slovenia, for example, as well as developing other applications to increase safety, such as Gorski vodnik, Triglav vreme, Triglav tek, Triglav škode etc. They also connected with innovative thinkers at the Zavarovalnica Triglav Hackathon, which they organized in collaboration with the ABC Accelerator.

Offer of a responsible and reliable partner

Zavarovalnica Triglav is a responsible and reliable partner, and expects the same attitude from its co-workers on projects – both employees and external partners. They wish to have a partnership with technological companies to develop innovative and advanced solutions, and collaborate with teams who use their creativity, relaxed attitude and openness to novelties to fearlessly tread towards new challenges. Young companies that collaborate with Zavarovalnica Triglav primarily get an excellent entry reference, the space for a more active role on the market, and specific insurance knowledge. Because Zavarovalnica Triglav wishes to offer them more than that, they are opening paths to partner channels, international markets, as well as offering help in building a network, designing a business plan and identifying new business opportunities, partner integration of brands, and more.

Get in contact with representatives of Zavarovalnica Triglav

If you wish to pitch your innovative idea to Zavarovalnica Triglav and together follow the mission “We’re creating a safer future” in the spirit of modernity, we invite you to write to Zoran Miloševič, the director of the department for innovation and business digitalization, at the e-mail and arrange a meeting at the PODIM Conference.

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Photo: Triglav Hackathon; ABC accelerator

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