mBills from now on also in vending machines

Day 4. December 2018 posted Mitja Sagaj
Company MBILLS has made an important step further in establishing their vision by introducing the possibility of mobile phone payment on vending machines of Automatic Servis. This company is the leading provider of vending solutions in Slovenia, so for MBILLS this means a decisive step into the field of the Internet of Things. To users, this novelty brings a modern user experience when buying coffee, refreshments and snacks at faculties, hospitals, companies, public surfaces and elsewhere.

Since throughout the years, the smartphone established itself as the best assistant in all situations, also in payments, a modern mobile wallet, which is what the mBills app is, is crucial for a good user experience. Mobile payments are opening new options to service providers as well as users, also confirmed by Matjaž Čadež, expert on payment systems in Slovenia and MBILLS founder: "Paying with a mobile wallet adds a new dimension to various machines, namely the internet of things. Whether these are coffee machines, snack machines, machines for buying fuel, milk machines, food machines, machines for buying medication, parking machines or other types."
"The coin payment system on vending machines and the logistics of making sure to have a suitable amount of cash is demanding, because it requires the vending machine provider to constantly check that the machine has enough loose change available. With the mBills solution, which enables one to pay with their phone, we wished to improve the user experience and upgrade the process of using the machine with a modern payment system. This way, users have an additional choice of purchasing method. We expanded the usability of mBills and simplified the purchasing process to users, because they pay with their phone, which they always keep on them," said company CEO Dejan Muzlovič at the introduction of paying with mBills on Automatic Servis vending machines. 
Cashless mBills thus upgraded otherwise a long history of payment methods on vending machines, which first only took tokens, then Tolar bills, after the introduction of Euro were Euro coins, which were later on also joined by Euro banknotes. But these are less friendly methods, which is why cashless payment is best for both service providers as well as for their users. More than a hundred vending machines across Slovenia are already part of the system, but new ones are gradually joining. 
MBills Cashless paying
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