Basf Is Looking for Innovative Environmental Solutions. Apply for the International Competition!

Day 25. August 2021

Does your startup have a solution that could help preserve the environment? Take advantage of this great opportunity and apply for the international competition Innovation Hub 2021 for innovators and start-ups from Slovenia and other Central and Southern European countries. Maybe it's your idea that convinces the jury.


Europe's leading R&D force and the world's largest chemical company BASF combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The company has started the BASF Innovation Hub project, which will bring together start-ups and innovators from as many as 11 countries in Central and Southern Europe, including Slovenia.


The central theme of this year's competition is solutions that directly or indirectly contribute to the realization of the pillars of the Green Agenda:

  • clean energy,
  • sustainable agriculture,
  • circular economy.


And the competition?

You have until midnight on September 30, 2021 to apply for the BASF Innovation Hub 2021.


In the first phase of the competition, the jury will select the best idea from Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The winning idea will then take part in the BASF Innovation Hub grand final in November 2021, along with the most successful solutions from other countries. The winner of the local competition wins 2,500 euros and the best idea of ​​the regional phase gets 5,000 euros.


If BASF recognizes great potential in the solution, they are ready to additionally invest and offer their know-how in its further development.


Take the opportunity and apply!


Additional information can be found here.

BASF Innovation Hub Environmental solutions
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