Slovenian Start:up of the Year 2022 Is Inno Lab

Day 21. June 2022 posted Nina Skok

The fifteenth prestigious Slovenian Start:up of the Year title was awarded to the Inno Lab team! The closing ceremony, which took place at the Ljubljana castle and was live-streamed on the Start:up Slovenia website, brought us a new recipient of the trophy.


The finalists at the Slovenian Business Club headquarters 

DeltaHub, Epidemic, Inno Lab, mPOR and SaleSqueze presented their great startup stories in front of 5 members of the jury in the battle for the prestigious title. It took place at the headquarters of SBC and was organized, like every year, by Start:up Sloveia with its partners and supporters.




  1. What is the company's flagship product?
  2. Who are the investors? 
  3. What is the winning team like? 
  4. What is the company's potential for success and growth?

The jury consisted of Benjamin Kumalić (Bird Buddy), Jure Knez (Dewesoft), Dušan Omerčevič (LeanIX), Marko Lukič (Lumar), Maja Tomanič Vidovič (Slovene Business Club), Jure Mikuž (South Central Ventures), Kristina Kočet Hudrap (TIKO Pro) and Andraž Tori (Outbrain).


Meet InnoLab, Start:up of the Year 2022

How did Inno Lab's story begin?


It was started by Teja Bajt, the founder. She is a molecular and cell biologist by education and heart. Teja's greatest joy is to pass on her passion for science to children. Innobox is a ox of experiments in 3 fun version that takes children and their parents on a science-based journey of talent discovery, independence and critical thinking. 


Each Innobox contains experiments from differet fields of science (physics, mathematics, computing, chemistry and more), and learn about the achievements of Slovenian scientists, researchers and experts. And don't worry, the experiments are safe!


The INNO LAB team has also presented itself to the wider Slovenian public on the popular Štartaj Slovenija 2021 show, and now their idea is ready for foreign markets, the Italian one to be exact. 


And what did the winners have to say about the newly-received title?

"This means a lot to us. We all know that Slovenia has great tech companies, researchers, engineers and many more experts, but we need to start nurturing talents early on. And that's what we want to do," said Teja Bajt, founder of Innobox.

The event was hosted by Peter Poles and singer Amaya provided the music. The prestigious award was presented to the winner by Matjaž Han, Minister of Economic Development and Technology, and Maja Tomanič Vidovič, Director of the Slovene Enterprise Fund.


The project of the Slovenian startup community

The Slovenian Start:Up of the Year Award is a project of active stakeholders of the Slovenian start-up ecosystem. Their role is to participate in the nomination of candidates for the award and the domestic and international promotion of the finalists and the recipient of the "Slovenian Start:Up of the Year" title. The main organizer of the project is Start:up Slovenia, while the co-organizers are traditionally the Slovene Enterprise Fund and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.




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