Analyze Your Team with Quantifly Mini

Day 28. January 2022 posted Anemari Pediček

Interested in how your colleagues see you? Want to discover your blind spots, strengths and opportunities for improvement? As a team leader or company manager, do you wonder who in your team would make the best sales manager, who's next in line for a promotion, or where the team is weakest?


CirrioSoft, Ltd., a company focused on the marketing and development of HR analytics and diagnostics, has developed a new online tool, Quantifly mini, to help you analyse your team. The tool will help you gather peer assessments of employee competencies and their roles.


Available free of charge until the end of January

You can try out Quantifly mini for free until the end of January. Read more about quantifly mini here


Why use it?

Each employee receives an individual report showing their blind spots, greatest contribution and opportunities for improvement. The tool allows you to get a holistic picture of your team in just 1 hour.


It works on the basis of anonymous peer assessment, comparable to the well-established 360-degree assessment method. This allows team members to compare how they see themselves and how their colleagues see them.


Find out more in the video below.



quantifly mini







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