Slovenian-American startup Reveel successfully closed a 2-million-dollar investment!

Day 7. January 2016 posted Stanislava Vabšek

The Reveel Technologies INC startup, full member of Venture Factory, business incubator of the University of Maribor, and part of the esteemed accelerator Tech Wildcatters from Dallas (Texas) since February 2014, successfully closed a 2-million-dollar investment a couple of days ago! The venture capital fund from the Silicon Valley was convinced by the Reveel application for recognizing objects in video and print content (movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, magazines, ads ...) that enable the user to immediately recognize and buy the spotted object in a single move. The user turns the camera of the mobile phone towards the desired content and immediately gets additional information about the objects and content they see in any given moment. Reveel is an active member of Maribor’s startup community and the Start:up Maribor programme. They will use the investment to hire technical and sales staff, and finance rapid growth.

“The investment we received from the Silicon Valley investment fund enables us faster growth, hiring the needed staff and faster customer acquisition. We will mostly spend it on employing new programmers, designers and technical staff in Slovenia, and sales staff that will be stationed in the US,” said Aljaž Andrejaš, CEO and co-founder of Reveel, after successfully concluding negotiations and signing a 2-million-dollar investment.

Entering an esteemed American accelerator

The core four-member team, consisting of Aljaž Andrejaš, Kristijan Pukšič, Matija Vrbovšek and Rok Ajdnik, was accepted into the elite American accelerator Tech Wildcatters last year with its solution iCcode, predecessor of the Reveel app.

Access to Fortune 500 companies

In exchange for an 8 % share in the company, Tech Wildcatters accelerator gave them a 25,000 USD investment as well as the opportunity to work with esteemed mentors from successful corporations of the American Fortune 500 list. What was also priceless was direct access to companies from the esteemed list that have their seat in Dallas, where the entire team moved for three months during the accelerator programme.


Expanding the team with technical staff

There is one more important step waiting for the team that works in Maribor, Dallas and San Francisco. They have to actively search for new staff from the fields of iOS, android, front end, back end and UX/UI fields (details on This way, they're planning on expanding from 9 team members to approximately 20 full-time colleagues in a year, focusing all their knowledge into continuing the development of the Reveel app and its global market breakthrough.

For more information about Reveel Technologies INC, turn to: 
·       Aljaž Andrejaš, CEO and co-founder of Reveel Technologies INC,
·       Urban Lapajne, Venture Factory,, 041 372 418



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