Slovenian IT Company PARSEK Acquired by the Dutch

Day 15. December 2021 posted Anemari Pediček

Slovenian IT company Parsek will get a new owner, namely the Dutch company Open Line, which is the leading provider of cloud services in the Netherlands. Parsek is a company that specialises in delivering transformational services in public healthcare that strive to improve patient wellbeing and the healthcare experience through optimising processes and the cost of care. 


Parsek collaborates in the healthcare sector with a number of high-profile clients such as regional integrated systems, leading university medical centres and other institutions within regional oncology associations. 


Janes Bensa, one of the company's owners, said:
"This is a pivotal moment in Parsek’s development. With Open Line, we experienced fantastic partner relations that brought us in the position to lead some of the most prominent regional oncology initiatives in the Dutch healthcare system. Now, we want to accelerate the pace and continue to provide improved access to best care services to an ever-increasing population of those who need it most."


Congratulations to the company and continued successful growth! 

Source: Parsek and Finance.

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