Startups at Maribor's Venture Factory generated more than €22 million in Revenue

Day 13. June 2022

Maribor's Venture Factory proudly presented its talents of 2022 at the final networking event of the Venture Factory's Accelerator Program. At the event, 6 young companies presented themselves in front of a distinguished jury, which selected the most promising of them to receive further intensive support for faster growth. This year, was the most convincing company.


Venture Factory, the business incubator of the University of Maribor under the brand Startup Maribor, with the support of SPIRIT Slovenia and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, has been supporting young innovative companies on their entrepreneurial journey for many years. In the last 3 years alone, they have organized more than 425 promotional and professional workshops, attended by 8,643 participants, and provided more than 8,000 consulting hours for entrepreneurs to develop and support their businesses. In the last three years, they have newly supported 25 entrepreneurial ideas and just over 60 companies. They are also actively working with their alumni members, who are co-creating the regional startup ecosystem within the Startup Maribor Founders club.


The event featured the final pitches of the freshest members of the Venture Factory who have been developing their business ideas from November to May and will boldly attack global markets in the future. In the end, the expert jury selected the one who has shown the most progress and who they believe has the best chance of a global breakthrough.



  • Visualize
  • ChoreoMate
  • Legis24
  • Centrum Cognito 
  • Systhematic - MyPile


The “pitch perfect master” has become ...

In the end, the winner was the startup, which won a prize worth a total of €10,000. The company aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital stores through augmented reality technology. They want to improve the online shopping experience for customers and increase the conversion rate for online retailers. Their deep understanding of the customer experience puts them in a unique position to help online retailers overcome the challenges of closing the sale and improve their business. Their current focus is primarily on the interiors market. The service will be easily integrated with the most popular online store platforms such as Shopify and Magento. 


As a reward for 1st place, they received a website layout and design, corporate identity, a free office at Venture Factory, 50 mentoring hours for the development of the business model, 50 expert hours from experts in various fields and other services that will allow to continue to grow.


Who also presented themselves?

The event also featured presentations by established entrepreneurs who have developed their ideas with the help of the incubator in the past. Globally successful companies such as Daibau International, Inova IT, Highfly, Kefirko, Organic Nutrients, among others, were born within the framework of the Venture Factory. 


25 entrepreneurial ideas have started their journey in the premises of the Venture Factory in the last 3 years alone, with 6 to 10 startups developing their ideas on a daily basis. Some of them have their own office, while others work in co-working spaces.


Venture Factory with a commitment to good results and international connections

It is one of the leading boosters of both the Slovenian and regional startup ecosystem for a reason. Every year, they support 15 entrepreneurial teams in the development phase of an innovative idea, and 10 startups in the incubation phase that have already entered the market and are successfully active there. They also support 3-5 fast-growing scaleups each year. 


Startups that have benefited from the intensive support of Venture Factory have generated more than €22 million in revenue in 2021. In 2020, their net sales amounted to €19 million, compared to €16 million the year before. The city of Maribor, headed by Venture Factory, thus proves once again that it is still very entrepreneurial in nature and at the very top of Slovenian start-ups in terms of ambition.


Venture Factory also faithfully nurtures and strengthens important international connections, which it proves with a number of successfully implemented international projects and one of the best European startup conferences, Podim, which this year, after two years of digital events, once again welcomed 1,096 visitors in person. The 3-day event took place in Maribor and was supported by a number of renowned international partners (Credo Capital, DevRev, Fil Rouge Capital, StartNet Carinthia, Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development, Httpool and many others) and national partners (Zavarovalnica Sava, Nova KBM, South Central Ventures, Silicon Gardens, TikoPro, Equito and others). This year was a year of record-breaking numbers for Podim, with 1139 1-on-1 20-minute entrepreneurial meetings held over the three days of Podim! 




Startup Aircam sold its product to Hollywood

Meet Cineline, the product of Maribor-based startup Aircam, which has impressed Hollywood's elite! The most affordable professional cable camera system on the market was also used this year at one of the biggest music festivals in Germany, Rock am Ring, which hosts 100,000 people, and their platform was also used to broadcast on German RTL. Cineline was also recognized by the masters of Hollywood themselves, as it was used on the set of the fourth sequel to the blockbuster movie The Expendables 4, in which stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham show off their power.


Elderon launches first 130 products in nursing homes

ElderON is advanced assistance for the elderly and their carers in the form of a mains-connected device. It is placed under the yoga mat on the bed slats and connects to a server via a wifi network. The nurses in the homes log into the computer system and can observe what is happening with the clients at all times. The company is celebrating the launch of its first 130 products in nursing homes these days, which means safer well-being for the elderly and peace of mind for their more than 130 relatives.


First 10,000 users for Maestro Amadeus

The Maestro Amadeus platform is a solution that uses advanced algorithms to enable musicians to easily digitize, edit, organize and share their material. It focuses on both professional and amateur musicians, small and medium-sized bands, and music schools and their students. Using the platform, musicians can access their material anywhere via the web or a mobile app. This month, the app reached its first 10,000 users, a truly enviable achievement.


Simarine launches a new product for an unforgettable summer

This summer, Simarine has given us the carefree experience that only our best friends can give us. With their new Caravan Control product, launched earlier this year, they provide one of the most advanced control panels for motorhomes and caravans of the moment - your personal traveling friend. 2022 is off to a great start for Simarine in terms of sales figures too, with sales growth of between 60% - 80%. Now, on to summer adventures!  


Pokica with Lokalka and Kooperativa for closer business ties 

The CEO of Slovenian Pokica, Uroš Požgan, together with 3 other entrepreneurial colleagues, has already founded the cooperative Kooperativa 103 in 2020. In addition to the aforementioned Pokica, popular Slovenian companies Roks'nut butter, Pohorske dobrote and Kmetija Vizjak, which brought the popular hot sauce Chili Frik to the market, have thus joined forces, helped each other and even launched joint production. All four are important links in the Slovenian food industry, and now they are also using their experience and contacts to help newcomers with the first small batches of products, which they are also putting on the shelves. This year, their mission to bring together local Slovenian entrepreneurs was joined by the Lokalka shop, which was initiated by Pokica's Uroš Požgan and Špela Lukas.




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