The pre-selection application deadline is September 15th!

Day 11. September 2014 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Throughout the entire pre-selection process, you can gather up to 40 points for applying to the tenders SK50 and SK200, and entering the accelerators Start:up Geek House or Go:Global Slovenia. Register into the application system and submit your e-application by September 15, 23:59 PM. 

Training with excellent mentors

Participation in the pre-selection process is important because excellent start-up mentors (such as Matej Golob, Rok Stritar, Kristjan Pečanac and others) will use the working weekend, or the investment preparation programme to help you finalize your business idea and perfect your business model. At the demo day, you will personally present yourself in front of the pre-selection committee, but beforehand, the mentors will help you prepare a remarkable and effective presentation.

Meeting the right people

You will meet business consultants who will help you prepare the final tender documentation and answer any of your additional questions. Throughout the entire pre-selection process, you will make valuable contact with more than 50 fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and other players of the Slovenian start-up ecosystem. Personal investors will also be in attendance, and you will be able to arrange meetings for obtaining additional capital, which is one of the conditions for applying to SK200.

Obtain up to 40 tender points

Throughout the entire pre-selection process (submitted application, presentation, participation at the business weekend or the investment preparation programme, and a personal presentation at the demo day) you can gather up to 40 points that are taken into account during the evaluation of the final applications for the tenders SK50 and SK200. The bare minimum for obtaining an investment is having 60 points, out of 100 possible, when submitting the final application.

The pre-selection application

In order to apply for the pre-selection procedure for both tenders and accelerators, you have to answer 10 crucial questions about your business idea and the team, as well as add three attachments:
  • proof of business idea concretization (add the link to the sales site, a prototype, MVP, sketches etc.; add as much material as possible that demonstrates the already visible concretization of your idea),
  • short video presentation of the team and your work (it can be simple, filmed with a phone),
  • a presentation in .pptx or .pdf format that you are planning to have in front of the pre-selection committee (3 min for your presentation + 2 minutes for questions and answers). 



For the indecisive ones

If you are still undecided or you don’t know which tender is best suited to you, read more about both tenders and accelerators at the following links: SK50 and START:UP GEEK HOUSE, as well as SK200 and GO:GLOBAL SLOVENIA.


Application conditions

If you don’t yet know all the conditions for applying to the pre-selection (and submission of the final tender documentation) for both tenders and accelerators, you can check them at links below. When applying for the tenders and entrance to both accelerators, you have to have a company (Ltd.) already established, at the latest founded before submitting your application for pre-selection. The application can only be submitted by a legal entity, not an individual or a team.



Dates for your calendar

For both tenders and entering both accelerators, enter the following dates into your calendars:
  SK50 and Start:up Geek House SK200 and Go:Global Slovenia
Deadline for the pre-selection application Monday, September 15th Monday, September 15th
Personal presentations of registered candidates Monday, September 22nd Monday, September 22nd
Working weekend  Weekend: September 26th to 28th /
Investment preparation programme / Weekend: October 1st to 3rd
Demo day Tuesday, September 30th Wednesday, October 8th
Tender application deadline Friday, October 10th Friday, October 17th
Communications and PR Start:up Slovenija
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