Start:up roadshow in Maribor and Nova Gorica

Day 20. February 2013 posted Stanislava Vabšek
Organisers of the competition Start:up of the year 2013 will visit Maribor and Nova Gorica in the following week. 

At the Start:up Slovenia roadshow events, the organisers and partners of the competition Start:up of the year will visit Maribor on Monday, February 25th, and Nova Gorica on Thursday, February 28th. Don’t miss these useful and interesting events at which the participants will be told about the support programmes for innovative entrepreneurs as well as given useful practical advice from experienced entrepreneurs.
Event content
The events are intended for all of you who wish to implement your own business idea and take advantage of local and national programmes of support to innovative entrepreneurship. At the event, you will discover:
  • The conditions and instructions for participating in the 6th round of the competition Start:up of the year, the winner of which obtains the flattering title “Slovenian start-up of the year 2013”, 10,000 euros of monetary award, a crystal statue and participation in the chosen programme CEED Slovenia,
  • The conditions for obtaining the starter subsidy P2 of the Slovene Enterprise Fund
  • Useful advice, exciting stories and examples of good practice of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Local and national programmes of support to the development of your company.   
Who is Start:up Road Show intended for?
For all of you who think daringly, are coming up with new concepts and want to change the world in your own way or implement your crazy idea!
  • Talented individuals who want to make their dreams come true.
  • Innovators who want to commercialize excellent innovations but don’t know how.
  • Everyone thinking about founding a company because they dream about building their own company, as they don’t see themselves in a boring, albeit maybe a well-paid job.
  • Current entrepreneurs who have already launched their own company and are searching for solutions for the problems they face, want to meet people who think the same or just want a bit of extra inspiration.
  • Investors searching for new investment opportunities.
  • Business consultants working in a support environment for entrepreneurship.
  • All others who are interested in entrepreneurship.
Participation at Start:up roadshows is free. Applications are obligatory due to a limited number of free places.

Organizers of Start:up Slovenia roadshow are Venture Factory, RC ICT from Kranj, Technology Park Ljubljana, Technology Park Primorska with the partnership of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Slovene Enterprise Fund. 
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