Through Kompas Shop stores to 2.2 million potential customers a year or how can Kompas MTS help startups?

Day 24. September 2015 posted Stanislava Vabšek

Did you know that the most expensive bottle of Slovenian wine Palmieri costs more than half a million euros? And that you can buy the same wine, only in a different bottle, for a significantly lower price in Kompas Shop? Company Kompas MPS just has a good nose for discovering bestsellers as well as for developing brands. They have 21 border shops and a store in Jarše, close to Domžale, all of which gives them access to approximately 2.2 million customers a year.

Recently, Kompas MTS has been actively looking for new investments that do not have to be complementary to their sales activity or limited with the investment amount. “But we do wish to enter startups as an active strategic partner, because we can help make business visions come true faster and more effectively, without repeating mistakes, scratches and bumps that have healed many times already,” says Bruno Sedevčič, marketing leader with Kompas MTS.

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