Slovenian roadshow for the selection of the Start-up of the year

Day 17. January 2014 posted Stanislava Vabšek
Start:up Roadshows are educational and motivational events organised across Slovenia, with the purpose of preparing entrepreneurs for the selection Start:up of the year. At these events, which take place in Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica, Kranj and Zagorje, the participants acquire crucial entrepreneurship knowledge needed for founding and launching a start-up company as well as information about applying to the competition and the P2 subvention. 

Why should you participate in the competition Start:up of the year 2014?

By participating in the selection Start:up of the year 2014, you get:
  • A subsidized set of a series of educational entrepreneurship workshops
  • Additional personal subsidized consultations and help with company launch
  • The option of directly talking with investors and other economy stakeholders
  • Your perspective business idea affirmed by experts
  • Media recognisability
  • To socialise with successful entrepreneurs and have the possibility of benefiting from the services of the support environment
  • Rich awards and much more
  • Points for the P2 subsidy of the Slovene Enterprise Fund, wherein you can obtain 70,000 EUR of non-refundable subsidies for launching your start-up company. More about this at the website of the Slovene Enterprise Fund.
Pick the closest city and participate at the roadshow:
Ljubljana Tuesday, 28. January at 13h Programme and application
Nova Gorica Thursday, 29. January at 13h Programme and application
Maribor Wednesday, 30. January at 13h Programme and application
Kranj Tuesday, 4. February at 13ih Programme and application
Zagorje Wednesday, 5. February at 13ih Programme and application
Murska Sobota Monday, 17. February at 13ih Programme and application
Celje Monday, 24. February at 15ih Programme and application
Novo mesto Friday, 28. February at 13.30 Programme and application
Brežic Friday, 28. February at 17ih Programme and application
Last year’s winner about the competition
  “Participation at the competition Start:up of the year brought us instant inclusion into the start-up environment, which is incredibly important from the motivational aspect. We have acquired a lot of knowledge and acquaintances, while also personally confirmed the prospects of our business idea. It is also important to mention media recognisability, which brings a large value added when you’re conversing with potential partners.”
Damjan Matičič, Koofr Ltd., Slovenian start-up of the year 2013 
 The competition Start:up of the year 2014 is organized by the Initiative Start:up Slovenia, which brings together all the leading subject of the support environment in Slovenia. The activities of the initiative are based on the Start:up manifesto as the leading document for the development of a national competitive start-up ecosystem. The initiative Start:up Slovenia is supported by project partners as well as by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovene Enterprise Fund and SPIRIT

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