Nlaw Is Looking for Interns

Day 4. February 2022

Nlaw is looking for (more) trainees. Send your CV and a cover letter, drawing or film to They like interesting and non-standardised applications. Let them know what you expect from them and what you can bring to the table.


What is Nlaw?

Nlaw is a law firm with offices in Ljubljana and Zagreb. Their clients include corporates, investors and start-ups. Most of their work is M&A, start-up investments, financing and other matters!


They are not afraid of any legal challenge or legal battle. They sometimes even wear a lawyer's toga.


Nlaw is 5 years old, but their team has an average age of 32. Despite their youth, they have a lot of mileage and often work on international transactions.


Their team is made up of 50% women and 50% men. They love growing businesses and the law. They like to joke around and eat good food. Except when they have to be 100% serious.


What do they expect from you?

They want you to work hard, learn even more and soon be able to help clients achieve their business goals on your own. 
It's important to them that you like to research and find the best possible legal solutions. Most of your work and communication is in English, so you need to be proficient in it.
Most Nlaw partners have been to moot court, Erasmus or study abroad. That's a plus, but it's not a requirement.


They expect you to have already completed a Master's degree in law or to complete in 2022.




What will your day look like?

Za celotno obdobje pripravništva bo eden izmed Nlaw partnerjev tvoj glavni sodelavec in mentor. nlawyerji si urnik določajo sami v dogovoru s sodelavci. Imel(a) boš priložnosti delati od doma, iz pisarne v Ljubljani in v Zagrebu.


Nekateri raje delajo zgodaj zjutraj, drugi pozno zvečer.


Imel(a) boš priložnost sodelovati z vsemi nlawyerji in si pridobiti izkušnje na različnih področjih prava. Od prvega dne dalje boš delal(a) na aktualnih projektih.


Tvoj mentor bo tvoj najboljši prijatelj in največji kritik.


Enkrat tedensko imajo team meeting, na katerem so vsi - člani ljubljanske in zagrebške pisarne.


For the entire duration of the internship, one of the Nlaw partners will be your main colleague and mentor. Nlawyers set their own schedule in agreement with their colleagues. You will have the opportunity to work from home, from an office in Ljubljana and Zagreb.


Some prefer to work early in the morning, others late in the evening.


You will have the opportunity to work with all nlawyers and gain experience in different areas. From day one you will work on current projects.


Your mentor will be your best friend and your biggest critic.


Once a week they have a team meeting where everyone - including colleagues from Ljubljana and Zagreb - are present.


How to apply?

Apply online at Send your CV and a motivation letter or get creative. Show them what you've got.


The deadline for applications is open as they will be recruiting more interns in 2022. They will withdraw the call once they find their candidates. So hurry up!


They will reply to all applicants and invite the selected ones to join them for coffee or tea, whatever you prefer.



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