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Turbulent times have brought with them a lot of uncertainty, but at the same time new challenges and considerations about how to proceed. The current situation can be a great opportunity for those who will be able to adapt to new market conditions and also for those who will have the courage to start their own business. In recent years, NLB Bank has enthusiastically followed the entrepreneurial stories of individuals who have managed to create a stable company in a short period of time.


It is no secret that the most difficult are the very first beginnings, accompanied by many unknowns and inexperience, which leads to several mistakes, and an additional problem is the lack of trust that has yet to be built. Complications can already arise with the company status. The NLB warns that it is not just a question of legal status, tax and accounting differences, as novice entrepreneurs often overlook the fact that a sole proprietorship can pose a greater risk to suppliers than a limited liability company and will therefore set more difficult payment terms and may even require advance payments.


Information and knowledge to get started

In the beginning, it is difficult for banks to help entrepreneurs with loans, as they can only provide limited financial support to start-ups. However, they can provide them with the knowledge and information that is essential for them at their first business steps.


Banks help entrepreneurs to meet the challenges of starting a business, warn them of risks and suggest solutions. A somewhat more critical view, which a bank advisor can offer you, is often necessary for a successful business, because this way you can avoid fatal mistakes.



The right advice in all life cycles of a company

Not only during the establishment and start-up of the company, but also later in the growth and development phases, as well as during the transformation or sale of the company, bank advisors will provide you with expert advice. However, they emphasize that it is important to come to the bank already at the project planning phase, when certain business factors can be optimized.


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The NLB Bank says that they will listen to you, try to understand you and will also support you financially if you have a good vision, a good product you stand for, a well developed business model and a solid financial plan. But even if they cannot support you financially with a loan, you will receive a justification and also guidance on what you should change in your business so that the next financing/loan with the bank will be successful.



Create a good foundation for banking and finance

Fact is - you need a transaction account. And at the same time, you will reduce your costs right at the beginning of the cooperation if you decide for the package offer of NLB-Bank. Entrepreneurs and individuals with smaller business volume can use the same account for business and private purposes. You can opt for an independent NLB Basic Account or for one of four packages for private individuals.


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Možnost financiranja že takoj ob odprtju računa

Possibility of financing immediately upon opening the account The NLB Business Account is available to legal entities, entrepreneurs and individuals for the management of corporate finances. Choose it within the NLB Business Start package, which is available from 1 EUR / month, and provide yourself with basic banking services for daily operations. As soon as you open an account or subscribe to a package, you can receive funds as the bank will support you with NLB Business Mastercard with an approved overdraft facility of 600 EUR. From now on you can also insure your business card in case of loss or theft of the card.


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Don't miss the possibility of short-term financing of up to 3,000 EUR after only six months of your business activity. You can choose the NLB Business Mastercard, which also allows you to buy online in installments, or you can opt for the approved overdraft facility of Business Account.


Do you know that a Mobile Banker can visit you?

NLB-Bank is aware of the importance of the involvement of entrepreneurs in the local area, therefore they are available to you where and when you need them. Instead of visiting a branch office, Mobile Bankers can visit you at your location. Or remotely - with the help of mobile or electronic banking, you can easily conduct banking transactions from anywhere and at any time.


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For banking questions, the professional advisors of the NLB Contact Center are available 24 hours a day and every day of the week. Whenever you can call them on 01 477 2000, you can write to them st, correspond with them via online chat or talk to them live via video call.





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