17 companies to enter Start:up Geek House accelerator and receive an investment in the amount of 50,000 € are known

Day 19. November 2014 posted Stanislava Vabšek

The Slovene Enterprise Fund has published the list of 18 companies that have been confirmed to enter the accelerator Start:up Geek House and obtain a convertible loan investment in the amount of 50,000 €. This is an established way of supporting start-ups in the early stages of development, when it’s hard to provide a realistic evaluation of the company. The investment is intended for companies still finding their product-market fit, discovering customers and the product, and pivoting.

In June this year, the Slovene Enterprise Fund had collaborated with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Initiative Start:up Slovenia to publish the tender SK50, intended to support innovative globally-oriented start-ups in the development phase of finding their product-market fit. 21 companies submitted the application and yesterday, the Slovene Enterprise Fund has published the list of 18 start-ups that have been accepted and will potentially be supported with a 50,000 € convertible loan. The following start-ups have been placed amongst those that have already received the Fund’s decision. The Slovene Enterprise Fund will most likely conclude the contracts for convertible loans with these companies by the end of November:

  1. ADORA-MED Ltd.: the company is developing and marketing a solution that contactlessly presents patients’ data to surgeons during an operation, without them having to leave the sterile environment of the operating room.
  2. Allbatron Ltd.: the company is developing a student information system LYRA and a digital student wallet, intended for paying all study-related obligations.
  3. BG BOATGUARD Ltd.: the company is developing an incredibly energetically efficient device for remotely controlling vessels, which provides comfort to the owners of the vessels and allows them to overview the state of their vessel via a mobile device and an app while they aren’t nearby.
  4. CEATM Ltd. offers the web and mobile service, which helps Chinese passengers plan and organise journeys to the Balkans as well as automatically makes a personalized and optimal travel plan. 
  5. DOO Ltd.: the company of the well-known Slovenian start-up entrepreneur Matevž Petek who is developing an app for mobile hitchhiking.
  6. EFORMA Ltd.: the company is developing the web platform Moj mojster for organizing construction projects as well as for presenting and reliably verifying the professionals who do construction works.
  7. GETAPRO Ltd.: the company is developing an app for organisation and making appointments in the fitness industry, which they will first offer to fitness instructors and coaches.
  8. Internacionalni šport Ltd.: the company is developing a social sports network with the largest database of global providers of sports and recreation. It helps sports and recreation providers get new clients and automatizes up to 40 % of manual administrative tasks.
  9. Lushna Ltd.: the company is developing eco-touristic destinations and offers comprehensive support to the providers of glamping destinations with high value added.
  10. NERVteh Ltd.: the company is developing simulators of various types of vehicles for practising safe driving as well as testing cars and car equipment under different driving conditions.
  11. NIZKOCENOVCI Ltd.: the company is developing a search engine for affordable flights that offers a more flexible and user-friendly way of finding flights of low-cost airlines.
  12. NP3 Ltd.: the company is developing a new generation of polymers that could be used in classical injection moulding and 3D printing.
  13. Pricejet Ltd.: the company is developing an app for setting dynamic prices and advertising that’s adapted to the status of the offer and the demand for certain services.
  14. Prospeh Ltd.: the company is developing a mobile app that allows buyers to access information about the origin of the food (meat and dairy) products.
  15. SafeCover Ltd.: the company is developing and marketing a hygienic plastic cover that the user can place on an open can.
  16. SETRAN PLUS Ltd.: the company has developed a passive interior air conditioning device Airtower that lowers electricity consumption for 95 % and only uses 2 watts of electricity to function.
  17. SMARTPA Ltd.: the company is developing and marketing an app that is the so-called “google for business contacts”, intended to quickly and efficiently find potential clients and business partners.
  18. SOLAIR Ltd.: the company is developing a solar air collector with an in-built photovoltaic module that functions in sunny weather and is intended to heat, dry or ventilate damp living and working spaces. 
This Tuesday, the participants have started with an intense mentoring and educational bootcamp that is part of the accelerator Start:up Geek House.

Start:up Geek House ”bootcamp”

On Tuesday, the companies have already started the intense mentoring and educational bootcamp programme, which is part of the content support of the business accelerator Start:up Geek House. This bootcamp will help them acquire all basic knowledge for building a start-up company according to the latest “lean and agile” methodologies. The programme is comparable to the programmes of the best accelerators in the world, as young companies don’t only acquire knowledge, but also a network of contacts and other “soft” content help that decreases the risk of company failure as well as accelerates the growth and development of the company.
The programme will run for 10 weeks and will be carried out by the best national and international providers, such as CEED Slovenia, Hekovnik, 30Lean and others. It will focus on the latest lean and agile methodologies for building companies, which help companies confirm the value of their innovative idea on the market as soon as possible. Start-ups will attend ten content modules as part of the so-called bootcamp:
  • Module 1: A lean and agile company
  • Module 2: Out-of-the-building philosophy
  • Module 3: Product and user experience
  • Module 4: Marketing
  • Module 5: Organisation of the company
  • Module 6: Business metrics
  • Module 7: Business model
  • Module 8: Entering markets abroad
  • Module 9: Business finances
  • Module 10: Financing a venture 

Plans for the future

At the beginning of next year, it is expected that the tenders P2, SK50 and SK200 will be published again, following the same combination of both content and financial support, but with some upgrades and changes that will be announced soon. The upgrades will allow start-up companies to have an even more systematic and comprehensive support, while the Slovenian ecosystem will become more competitive and comparable to the more developed markets.

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