Application deadline is 15th of March

Day 25. February 2013

Time to apply until the 15th of March

Start:up of the year is a national competition of start-up companies. With this competition, we wish to recognize the best business teams, business plans and start-up companies in the Slovenian environment, support them professionally, connect them with potential investors, reward them and promote them to the general public.

Competition Start:up of the year is meant to encourage the development of innovative business activity and business culture in the Republic of Slovenia. It’s based on motivating business action within the Slovenian Start:up road-show, practical trainings for finishing the business plan and exchanging experiences and good practice, as well as networking within the business forum 100% Start:up and international business conference PODIM. The competition is rounded up by selecting, promoting and rewarding the best written business plan and the best start-up companies.
6th round of the competition Start:up of the year announced
We’ve announced the 6th round of the national competition of start-up companies – Start:up of the year 2013. With this competition, organisers wish to recognise, professionally support and publicly promote the best Slovenian business team, business plans and start-up companies. The winner of the competition will receive 10,000EUR of prize money and a ticket for the chosen CEED programme.
Up to 25 points on the tender P2
Start:up of the year is connected with the offer of the Slovene Enterprise Fun for start-up companies. This year, it will once again enable competition participants with good placements to gain up to 25 points from a 100 possible in the tender P2. The competition Start:up of the year is carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and Slovene Enterprise Fund.
Slovenian Start-up of the year 2013 will be announced at the international business conference PODIM, on 15th of May 2013 in hotel Habakuk in Maribor.
Who can apply?
All slovenian start-up companies (see definition in box below) whose business or products and services are based on their own knowledge and development, can participate in the Slovenian competition of start-up companies Start:up of the year. We’re searching for everybody that has global market potential and growth ambitions. The company has to be founded until the 28th of February 2013.
The condition for participating in the competition Start:up of year is a submitted formal application of the company with an attached business plan, and a lawful status of intellectual property of the business idea (e.g. the business idea isn’t based on unlawfully obtained intellectual property).
Competition participants are usually entrepreneurs who are actively searching for funds of formal and informal investors, or wish to qualify for the launching subvention P2 of the Slovene Enterprise Fund.
Until when can you apply?
The application for the competition is possible until the 15th of March 2013 at the latest and has to include a business plan that’s whole content-wise, including a concise summary.
Method of application
We will consider only applications complying with the following instructions:
-          The application is possible only over the online application form.
-          The business plan has to be in the .pdf format due to security reasons and has to be attached to the application form. Documents sent separately will not be considered!
-          When preparing a business plan you have to include all the key business aspects (see You should also take the recommended length into account. It should not be longer than 30 pages.
-          The size of the attached business plan must not exceed 20 Mb.
Terms of participation, selection criteria and application form can be found at the link. The deadline of the application with an attached business plan is 15.03.2013!


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