Slovenia is the world incubator for the development of blockchain technologies

Day 12. December 2019

Ljubljana Technology Park and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology organized Slovenian blockchain consultation at Technology Park Ljubljana, connecting all Slovenian stakeholders developing the latest technologies and setting up blockchain infrastructure, putting Slovenia at the forefront of good practices.


In the introduction, Dr. Jernej Pintar P.h.D., the director of Ljubljana Technology Park emphasized that the boiling point of technologies and companies that have the potential to grow into globally recognized companies is in Slovenia and that Ljubljana Technology Park is there to support them on this fast track, also through various initiatives and projects, such as Smart Space. The consultation is organized with the help of this project since it is crucial to establish a community and a critical mass of like-minded people who will propel these technologies forward.


"Both companies developing cutting-edge innovative technology solutions as well as the entire society are contributing to the dynamics of technology development. Because of you, Slovenia has also taken a pioneering role in the development of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in recent years. In doing so, Slovenia has achieved remarkable international recognition. Proof of this is the confirmation of the headquarters of the UNESCO International Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Slovenia and the inclusion of Slovenia in the Group of  Friends of Digital Technologies operating within the UN, "said Slovenian Minister for economic development and technology, Zdravko Počivalšek.


"We have become a reference country in this field, which was recognized by the European Commission, as the first pilot regional fund for financing blockchain and startup companies in the field of artificial intelligence will be allocated right in Slovenia," said Mag. Nena Dokuzov M.S., representative of Slovenia in the European Blockchain Partnership and Head of the New Economy and Blockchain Technology project group of the ministry for economic growth and development.


National Blockchain Test Infrastructure

Developed by HashNet in collaboration with Telemach, the SiChain will enable testing of existing and new blockchain applications for use in the public and private sectors. Slovenia is the first country in the European Union to have such testing infrastructure at the national level. Currently, this infrastructure enables transactions and the creation of smart contracts.


With the opening of a digital wallet for the Minister of Culture, Zoran Poznič and the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Zdravko Počivalšek, they have been given symbolic access to test national blockchain infrastructure.


De-bureaucratization through blockchain

Minister of Culture, M.S. Zoran Poznič emphasized that they are introducing a platform that will be able to connect the self-employed in the culture to a stronger coalition and improve the exchange of information among them. He also stressed that the Ministry of Culture is pursuing the goals of the bureaucratization and that in 2020 they will pursue to digitize the tender field. 


Digitizing the education 

Secretary of State dr. Jernej Štromajer P.h.D. emphasized that creativity, innovation and use of new technologies are the key factors in creating new added value.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport is planning a further leap forward in the field of digital transformation, intending to prepare the Digital Education Action Plan 2027, which will cover the entire education system. 


Creating a blockchain community

Several initiatives creating various pilot products in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence were also presented.

The exemplary involvement of public and private sectors in blockchain technologies is reflected in the creation of a strong blockchain community that will in the future surely come up with disruptive solutions.

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