South Central Ventures

A venture capital fund that primarily invests in high-tech companies in the Balkans that have strong teams.

South Central Ventures (SCV) currently has €40 million available through the Enterprise Innovation Fund (ENIF) to invest in innovative high-tech startups in the early stages and growth phases, and provide investments of up to €3 million per company. For startup companies, it has available €1.5 million, where the amount of an individual investment is up to €100.000. The Fund has offices in Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje.


Among better-known SCV investments are AdScanner, DaiBau, Agremo, Agrivi and Sentinel.

Basic information
SCV Fund Management B.V.

Gradišćanska 36,

10000 Zagreb,


Existing Investments
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Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.