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A greater number of communication channels means a greater number of metrics where the performance of digital marketing campaigns is monitored separately. From such metrics, it is difficult to have an overview and discern the overall ROI of the campaign. At the same time, marketing departments lack the resources to prepare  an appropriate complex measurement plan.


The inconsistency of digital marketing campaign performance metrics allows for biased interpretation and calculation of campaign results and benchmarks adjustments. The current workflow of agencies and subscribers is to set digital campaign goals before the campaign and to audit the achievement of the campaign goals, but they have no real-time insight into the campaigns (anytime, anywhere), as in some places everything is done manually at the request of the client.


8DATA is a solution that allows users to easily set up a measurement plan through a software wizard and to monitor the performance of all digital campaigns in real time. The online automated process simplifies the definition of a measurement plan through the software wizard and with the help of the online library of key performance indicators (KPIs).


8DATA automatically combines data from various advertising media (and optionally integrates with AI solutions). It displays real-time results in different formats for different levels of users and daily, weekly or monthly alerts.

Urša Mivšek Sitar CEO
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P2 2019 SEF StartupPlus+
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