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TribeScale is a SaaS aimed at startups and scaleups who would like to increase their influence in the world but face the challenge of where to get and how to address the right talent to join the story and help them grow. The company Rebiss d.o.o. has designed the product at the intersection of entrepreneurial, marketing, and talent-management skills, and is theoretically versed in the latest knowledge in the field of EVP (employee value proposition). Just as individuals who want to live a full life and create high added value must know who they are and how to build on that, companies must also know what their essence is, who they are, who they are naturally attracted to, and how to communicate this in order to build a success story.

With TribeScale, we achieve results in three steps: (1) Measure the "Startup Tribal Vibe" to discover how the company breathes, (2) create a virtual ideal candidate and pre-define the ideal Tribe member, and (3) set a Tribal communication strategy with selected types of candidates. TribeScale is suitable for all startups and scaleups that want to attract top talent to their Tribe.

Rok Slokar Founder
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  • Ljubljana University Incubator
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